Monday, November 30

A Tale of a Pesky Love

Once upon a time, there was a sweet smelling girl. She worked in a small office, spending her hours using the computer, phone or fax. It wasn't an awful place to work but neither was it the most cheerful place. So she surrounded herself with plants. Nice lush greenery.

One day the sweet smelling girl noticed that a pesky little gnat was flying around her. She brushed it away and didn't give him another thought. The next day, the little gnat was flying all over, in front of her computer, near her face, and even around her coffee cup. This was much too bothersome. **SWAT**

After killing the gnat, she promptly didn't give him another thought. That is, until his brother came visiting. **SWAT** This his cousin came calling and drowned in her coffee cup...yuk! The another cousin came. **SWAT**SWAT**

They were driving her crazy. Why did these pesky gnats have to bother her? Is it because she is sweet-smelling or due to her lovely greenery? **SWAT** Another gnat bit the dust. She investigated her beautiful plants and none of them seem infested. Was her new perfume...the cause of her blame? **SWAT**

It seemed that no matter how many gnats she killed, she would soon see another flying around her desk. So one day she decided to not wear her perfume to see what would happen. And guess what?? She only saw one gnat that day. What's a girl to do?

Friday, November 27

Childhood Toys

When I was watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade yesterday, I saw some clowns playing with a toy from my childhood. Up until that moment, I had forgotton all about it and now I wonder how I actually found it fun...because now it just pathetic. I guess this is a good sign of maturity. It would be disconcerting if I still had it and played with it. People might think me mentally challenged. of Mindy's old toys...way back from the 80's....

The Invisible Dog Leash!

Thursday, November 26

Thanksgiving Thankfulness Part 3

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I'm sitting here watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day makes me want to watch "Miracle on 34th St."

In reflecting on what I am most thankful for, it occurs to me that everything good about my life is because of God. So I am most thankful for Him. I'm thankful that He is Emmanuel...God with us. I'm thankful for the path He has led me on, even though there are things I'd change if I could...I trust that His path/plan is better! I'm thankful that because of Him I have salvation, companionship, forgiveness and a reason for living.

He was, He is and He always will be the only God worth serving and loving.

Wednesday, November 25

Thanksgiving Thankfulness, Part 2

I was all mentally set to post about being thankful for the energy that God provides....but.....this morning while doing my morning blog scan to see what has been newly posted, I came across Ryan Detzel's post on being thankful for something strange. So I decided to go with it.

I am thankful for repeats on TV.

--When I am in school, I appreciate repeats since it gives me a good excuse to turn off the TV without feeling like I'm going to miss something on my favorite shows.
--On the weekends or in the summer, I'm thankful that some shows are repeated so that I can find out what I missed when it originally aired.
--And when there is still nothing good on and I've all the repeats I'm interested in seeing, I'm thankful that repeats give me an opportunity to read a book (again, with the knowledge that I am not missing anything exciting).

I know this makes it sound like I watch TV all the time...I really don't. I just have a few shows that I "need" to watch each week and a couple others I watch whenever the stars align. And I know that DVR would aid in the process of seeing what I've missed but really...I'm a student...I don't have time for all that TV. I'm better off with repeats!

Tuesday, November 24

Thanksgiving Thankfulness, Part 1

I have a friend who is love and joy in flesh. I've known her for about 12 years but have only become close over the last 6 years.

She is quick to ask how things are going and will specifically inquire over certain elements of my life (school, time with God, running, ministry, boys, etc...whichever she knows is a main focus/struggle at that time). Because of her direct yet warm-hearted questions, I am continually challenged, both from conviction and encouragement, to persevere and to seek what is good.

She is so good at inquiring about me and getting me to talk that I find at times after we've met together, I have failed to inquire about her since I talked. The. Whole. Time. She has offered me such support and prayers over the years. I would not be me without her.

She is presently going through some health struggles: feeling tired, in pain, and even a bit weepy. And yet, she trusts God to provide for her and finds joy wherever joy is to be found. Due to her steady flow of doctor's appointments and my current class load, we haven't been able to connect for about 2 months and I miss her. During this season of her life, I want to be someone who can support and pray over her. Thankfully, prayers are not bound by struggles or commitments.

In the season of thanksgiving, I am thankful for her. God has made her wise, Jesus is her joy, and the Spirit draws people to Himself through her. When I grow up, I want to be like her and I think God is okay with that since she mirrors Him fairly well.

Monday, November 23

Box of Books

Many years ago, back in 2004, I am facing an exciting venture: going to Germany to be a missionary, working with middle-school kids. I faced this venture with thrill and trembling...after all, the ministry involved middle-school kids.

In the midst of my preparations, I heard fellow missionaries talk about a M-Bag...what the heck is a M-bag? It is a very cheap way to send books, brochures and other paper-related media around the world. My heart leaped with joy.

You see, I love books and love having books around me. I wanted to take over a handful of good books with me but knew that books weigh a ton, especially when the airlines tell you that you can only pack 50 lbs (22 kg) per suitcase. So I had prepared myself to go without.

So with my new-found information, I mailed a box of books. I think it was about 30 lbs total and only cost me about $20. Granted, I mailed these books in July before I left and didn't see them until October. They went by way of tugboats and donkeys...but hey! it was cheap!!

I was in Germany for two years and found a few bookstores that had small English sections. Therefore, I inevitably picked up a few more books. By the time I left in 2006, I had two boxes of books. I mailed them home and said, "see you in October, my loves!" Sadly, only one box arrived. I often wonder what became of my 2nd box...where it ended up, who are now the fortunate owners of my books, and why they never got to me.

Occasionally I will think of a book I own and wonder where it is...a book I haven't seen for awhile. Then I realize it must have been in that box. Lost. At Sea. Forever.

The book that crossed my mind today was devotional that a friend in England sent to me. Every devotional was coffee-related. I loved it! I found it charming, funny and so perfect for my coffee-addicted mind. One of these days, I'll take the time to restock the few books that I remember and maybe one of these years, I'll come across my book in a bookstore...wouldn't that be fun!

Sunday, November 22

Lists of Things

Back in March, I created a list of some of my favorite things. Since lists are fun (in my opinion), I thought I would come up with a few more.

Things I'd rather be doing than homework:
1. Posting on my blog...I'm currently procrastinating by this post!
2. Napping
3. Watching a movie
4. Reading a book
5. Starting Christmas shopping

Things I'm thankful for:
1. That my class ends in two weeks!
2. A job that allows me to go to school.
3. Friends at church.
4. Things that keep me warm: heaters, scarves, sweaters, coffee.
5. Music to listen to and sing along to.

Things I intend to do this Thanksgiving week:
1. Enjoy having Thursday and Friday off of work.
2. Work on my final project.
3. Go see the Nutcracker ballet.
4. Go see New Moon, if time allows.
5. Enjoy a yummy meal with my family.

Saturday, November 21

Laundry Woes

I don't use Fabric Softener because it take conscience effort to be listening for the right stage of the washing cycle to add in the softener...pretty high maintenance in my opinion! So I use dryer sheets and that seems to work out just fine.

Every once in a while when I'm folding my clean laundry it will occur to me that I have only found one of the two sheets I threw in my dryer. I never care...I figure it will show up one day.

This past week, I think on Tuesday, I was wearing a hooded sweatshirt to work. In the early afternoon the neckline was starting to bother me. It was nothing unusual. It is usually a hair that is tickling/irritating my I fingered around looking for the one hair that had fallen out and was bothering me. I couldn't find such a hair. Moments later, again the irritation was there. I reached up to the next line and again started searching for a hair only to have my fingers grab onto something foreign. Much to my surprise and amusement, I pulled out a dryer sheet. I felt like a moron but at least I had a good chuckle from it!

Friday, November 20

...Now Showing on the Big Screen...

**This is my 100th post! Wow!**

Earlier this year, probably around in March, I had a brilliant idea! God, are you listening?

When I get to Heaven, I want to see the some Bible stories on a big screen. And to make it even better, to sit with the Bible characters while watching...personal commentaries! Hello God...are you taking notes?

I got this idea when participating in a Bible Study on Esther. There's this great scene in the book of Esther where Esther comes before King Xerxes uninvited (which could mean death) and is granted the chance to ask what she wants of the king. In wisdom, she invites her husband and her enemy Haman to a meal, which of course, makes Haman feel like a million bucks because he doesn't know that he has made Esther his enemy by wanting to kill all the Jews. Oh to see the look on his face when he realised that Esther was a Jew...heeheehee. Not only do I want to see their faces and how they reacted to things but then to turn to Esther and ask her what were you thinking in that moment or this moment???

Reading the Bible is good but I want the Bible narrated to me in person and to watch it.

Granted, there is a lot in the Bible I'd rather not see...the Bible isn't exactly PG-rated. There's violence all over the Bible and I would have a hard time watching some stories/events. However I want to watch Joshua and the battle of Jericho. I want to watch the story of Ruth. I want to see creation happen...oh my....that would be good! I want to see Christ being born. God, is this possible? Please? Pretty please? I'll love you forever....okay, I'll love you forever regardless but still...please Lord? We can do Bible movie nights!

Thursday, November 19

Bible Characters I Struggle With

Ever read a book a find yourself turned off by a main wonder how or why the author created and used them??? Well, there are a few Bible characters that I struggle with. Every time I read their stories, I would how and why the Author (God) used them. Anyhow, I thought I'd share a few flawed characters with you:
  1. Gideon--My first frustration is this man whose story is in Judges 6-9. Here is a punk kid that God chooses to use. God shows up, tells Gideon that He is going to use Gideon to save the Israelites from the Midianites, gives Gideon 3 signs to prove that God is really God, and allows Gideon to destroy the Midianites with an army of 300 men. 300 MEN! So far so good, right? Well, after this is when Gideon's story goes south. As a main leader of the community, Gideon commands everyone to give him gold so that he can make an ephod which everyone then worships. Hello? God used you in a huge way and you end up worshipping a piece of gold.
  2. Samson--His story is also in Judges, from chapters 13-16. Chapter 13 is a wonderful story of how God appeared to Samson's parents, who were barren, and informs them that God will give them a son. Moreover, God is setting apart this child from conception to be used by God. God had chosen this baby for His purposes even before the babe was born! That is cool. However, Samson lives not for God but for Himself. His weakness is women and falls prey to three of them, the last of whom lead to his capture and death. Samson also shows a disregard for God's laws even though he must have known the calling on his life.
  3. Jonah--*Sigh* I couldn't read his story for a couple years because I'd get mad every time I read it. Jonah has a whole book dedicated to his story. Jonah was a prophet...which means that God gave him words to say on God's behalf. So in the book of Jonah, God tells Jonah to go to Nineveh and to tell them that they need to change their behaviors and hearts or they would die. (Understandably, the people of Nineveh were known to be A.W.F.U.L!) If God told me that, I'd would be shaking in my boots and crying. Jonah must have felt the same because he decides to run away from God (and Nineveh). God does a couple things and eventually Jonah is re-routed back towards Nineveh. Jonah gives them the message and guess what? The whole city listens, including the king. They all cry out to God, decide to change their ways and God saves them! Good news??? It sure is! although Jonah goes and pouts because God didn't kill the Ninevites like He promised. Seriously! You can read about it in Jonah 4.
Every time I read these men's stories, I feel frustrated. God chose them and used them and yet their hearts were more self-focused rather than God-focused. But it is usually at this point that I realise that I am mostly frustrated that God did use them when He knew how they would ultimately act. Being frustrated with God isn't usually a good thing, so then I try to pick out lessons from the stories because God put their stories in the Bible regardless of how them men acted. So what should I be learning from them?
  • God can and will use both the good and not-so-good individual to accomplish His goals.
  • God's power and love can still shine brightly through perpetually flawed people.
  • Despite what the three men did, God was still in charge.
  • Just because you're chosen by God does not mean that you are perfect...only that you have a perfect God working in and through you.
I guess those are lessons worth learning, even if the means is a bit murky!

Wednesday, November 18

And this is how it happens...

Sometimes I feel like a nut...sometimes I am a nut!

Exactly 4 days ago, I could open my calendar and see a blank week ahead of me (except for Youth Group on Tuesday night). Joy to the world! Up until this week, my week nights over the last two or three months have been a bit full...meetings, airport runs, more meetings, youth group...not to mention homework. But 4 days ago, this week was blissfully clear. I could hear the angels singing!

Exactly 3 days ago, I suddenly have plans for this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night....bam! Just like that! Play, singing, that order.

Exactly 2 days ago, I suddenly am expecting a phone call tonight from a lovely college friend whom I haven't talked to since before she had her beautiful new babe in July!

Exactly yesterday, I now have plans for Thursday night...dinner and movie with my sister.

Homework? what homework? Oh....that homework? will get done sooner or later this my free time.
Blissfully clear week? Let's try January.

Tuesday, November 17

Morning, Day, and Night

Morning: I always think it's funny when I stop somewhere on the way to work and someone asks me "So how's your day going?" I usually want to retort, "I've only been up an hour...ask me later on" but usually reply back with a smile, "so far, so good."

Day: Did I moan some time in the last two weeks about how slow work had been? It was the only slow area of my life but it was driving me crazy. Seriously, how do you spend 40 hours a week when you have no work to do? Anyhow, I found something I could do which made me really happy. This upcoming Sunday and the following Sunday, I'm teaching Sunday School, on Judges and Ruth. Since the rest of my life (outside of work) has been busy, let's make the most of my work time by working on my lessons. Purpose at work...hurrah!

This was a good idea until last Friday, which is when actual job responsibilities came back into my life. Now I have a large stack of things to do and my Sunday School lessons are resting. Oh dear! Not all of my responsibilities are urgent so I'll actually probably make some of it wait and finish up my lessons...after all, I really don't have time to work on them outside of work.

Night: Yesterday, I had a hankering for a BLT. So I ran to the store on my way home and picked up the necessary ingredients and had the most delicious sandwich ever. I decided to change up this sandwich a bit by adding avocados. Yum!

Monday, November 16

Chewing Too Much???

Approximately five or six weeks ago, I had dinner with my mentor. I proceeded to rattle off all the things I was going to do and focus on in my life (work, school, youth group, regular exercise, daily Bible reading, Bible Study, etc...) and she looked at me, with a twinkle in her eye (no, she isn't Mrs. Claus) and casually wondered if I was suddenly taking on too much. I think this is where I felt a surge of super-human strength, superior clarity of mind and confidently assured her it was all about balance and I was certain I would be able to handle it all just fine.

(he, he, he...giggle, giggle...Ha, Ha)

In the five weeks I've been in school, I have exercised a grand total of four times. And due to school stresses, I've been doing homework while walking on the treadmill which means I'm not breaking a sweat because I'm reading. (Anyone think that one 30-minute non-sweating walk-a-week will help me out? Anyone? Anyone? Hello?)

As for my daily Bible reading, I'm doing better at this than exercising but am not quite at the "daily" level yet. According to my schedule, I should be reading Leviticus 11-13 today. Umm...yeah....I'm currently at Exodus 21...a few days behind.

I am managing to get to work 5 days a that's good...that counts for something right? And I'm keeping up with my homework (but let's not talk about the final project due in two weeks that I haven't started), so that's good too. And I've faithfully attended youth group over the last 5-6 weeks. So I guess I'm doing okay, right? (I'm sure my mentor is laughing at me now, shaking her head!)

Thursday, November 12

S.A.D. no more

Okay, I never had Seasonal Affective Disorder to begin's too early in our overcast, rainy, cold season to have it. But today, God gave me 20 minutes of summer...pure bliss.

It was stinkin cold as I stumbled out to my car to leave for work so as soon as my car warmed up a little bit, I cranked up the heat and blasted myself with heat the whole ride to work. In addition to that, we have sun today (the rain returns tomorrow!). So I'm driving to work, being blast with heat and feeling the sun on my face. For 20 minutes I pretended that it was summer time not winter. That, along with my summer sun reservoir, should shoo away any trace of the S.A.D. until at least the end of January! I'm golden....well, not physically, only emotionally, and even then, I know it's debatable! But around here, I'll take what I can get!

New Record Needed

Ever feel stuck? like a broken record? Round and round you go...listening to the same song...over and over...

In the Bible, Apostle Paul said that he struggled with doing things he didn't want to do and the things he wanted to do, he didn't do.

For me it's a mind thing. The same thing repeats in my head and takes over my thinking; cultivated from my childhood days and furthermore by media, books, etc...over and over.

Tuesday night at youth group, we were talking about that are some things that affect your mind and choosing God over the things. One sweet girl asked me what to do if there is something that isn't good but does affect her thinking. Great question! So my answer to her was 1) admit to God (and possibly someone else) that it is a struggle/problem, 2) find Scripture that is applicable and remind yourself to focus on God instead of the thought and 3) change your thinking: every time the thought enters your head, decide not to think about it, ask God for help, and repeat those Scripture verses. I told her by doing so (from personal experience) you truly can change your thinking.

Fast forward 1.5 or 2 hours...that's it...1.5 or 2 hours! I know! I found myself dwelling on certain thoughts (again, for the millionth time) and I said outloud, "Lord, how do I stop these thoughts?"

So Jesus said: **tap, tap** " thing on?...What did you just say to the sweet girl at your youth group? Practice what you preach! You know what to do it. I'll help but you need to decide to change your thoughts first."

**crickets** **gulp**

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom...II Corinthians looks like I have the opportunity to listen to a new record after all.

Wednesday, November 11

Random Thoughts on Work

**This post is not meant to be whiny, ungrateful or impatient. I am not even venting...these are just thoughts on work as it stands today and my calling on life. There is a longing in this post but it is grounded on the thought that God is doing a work in me. Just thought I should make this disclaimer! :)

I have been so bored at work since last Wednesday...not enough work coming across my desk. I have worked on the "problems tasks" that I previously ignored, for such a time as this. I have even started the Christmas letter project (a task that I have kind of taken over since working here) just to give myself something to do.

Beyond this past week though, I'm just bored of this job. This job doesn't excite me or use my strengths. I sit at the computer 40 hours a week. I do have good moments when I'm interacting and building relationships with customers but in general, it is pretty apparent that this is not where my heart is. That being said, I am thankful for this is a good job, with a good boss, and fun little perks (the occasional Starbuck's drink, occasionally leaving early, etc...). Plus, it pays the bills and is allowing me to work on my Master's degree.

Anyhow, I've been mewing over "job satisfaction" lately, wondering if it is overrated and more of a generational issue. My grandpa worked 60-80 hours a week at a steel mill to provide for his family. He was diligent and hard-working up until he retired years later. My dad worked 40-80 hours a week at Boeing for 30+ years, in a very stressful situation. He groaned and moaned but was diligent and hard-working to provide for his family. We knew he was unhappy with his job but there was never a question of looking for a new job that pleased him or matched his gifts, for either my dad or grandpa. They just did want needed to be done. I know if I were the sole provider for a family such as my dad and grandpa were, I'd take any job offered to me that would support my family, regardless of likes/ least, I think I would.

I know that there have been studies done to show that people who are matched with a job that uses their skills and strengths, are generally more happy and satisfied and are more invested in the company/organization. So there are definite perks to having a job that you enjoy. But when does this need for job satisfaction become all about my wants/desires or just not being content with where you are and with what you have? Moreover, how does one remain content when you are clearly in a job that doesn't suit you? I know it's about finding joy in all circumstances or letting the joy of the Lord be my strength but that's not always easy, especially when you have too much time on your hands.

I think part of the "problem" is that I know what I've been called to be in ministry and be a part of God's mission to share the gospel...and I'm not there. I know this job is temporary...a holding period in my life but I feel like I'm a circle and this job is a square hole...or I'm the square peg in a round hole...however it goes! I have wandered around on the internet to see what ministry jobs are presently out there...but I'm not even sure what I'm looking for at this point...really, I'm just trying to use up working time since its been oh-so-quiet.

Anyhow, thanks for letting me roll this around in my head a bit and keep up the good work!

Tuesday, November 10

Weekend Adventures in the Kitchen

Last Wednesday, I shared about some recipes I was thinking of trying. I'm sure you've been dying to know what it is I've haven't? Well, bear with me anyways.

Playing in the kitchen is a great way to procrastinate, I mean, try new things! I had a frozen whole chicken that I wanted to play with. So I thawed it out, dressed it up and played "Scrabble" with him. Since I won, I got to eat him. I didn't feel like a roast chicken, although I'm sure that would have been lovely. So I made Chicken A La King. It was pretty darn tasty. I added dill, cumin, and more salt to the recipe. I also thickened my up considerably because I didn't want Chicken a la soup. Served on rice and enjoyed with an episode of Monk.

Last Wednesday, I was also debating on what to do with my remaining Chex cereal. I decided to try the Caramel Corn (only with cereal and not popcorn). My reasoning was that if it flops, I would have no problem throwing it away and saving myself from unnecessary sugar. It didn't flop. Overall, I'd have to say that using popcorn is better...the texture is more suitable. But I have discovered that when you mix caramel with chex, you get Frosted Flakes...seriously, it tastes just like it, even though I don't think Frosted Flakes is supposed to be caramelly.

I know Monday is not part of the weekend but I'm throwing it in anyways for the sake of this entry. Last night I whipped up a batch of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. If you click on the link, you will see that they are technically called Old-Fashioned Soft Pumpkin Cookies. Yep, they are soft. I've decided that although soft cookies are yum, it is also nice if there a bit of crispness to the outside. Anyhow, if I were remaking this recipe, I think I'd want to add in some Pumpkin Pie Spice or more pumpkin or substitute Pumpkin Pie Filling for the puree. Basically the cookies are good (worth making) but could use a little more umph!

That's my kitchen update for the week but I could use another cup of coffee!

Monday, November 9


November 9th, 1989. A day that impacted the world.

It's really quite amazing.

24 hours earlier; no wall separating brothers and sisters, parents and childrens, friends and neighbors. 24 hours later; a concrete reminder that your life is controlled and limited.

West Berlin had 30 years of restoration and progress. Money from the Allies poured in.
East Berlin had 30 years of poverty and limitations, the affects that you can see to this day.
Seriously. You can take a bus or tram and see a visible change in the condition of the city when crossing from West to East.

Having walked around Berlin, I've stood where the wall once stood. I've been to Checkpoint Charlie, seen the remaining wall and have read some of the stories.

Did you know that some 5,000 people made it successfully across the wall, into West Berlin? However there were approximately 75,000 others who were caught, imprisoned, or killed.

When I went to Berlin, I did a 4 hour walking thing I've ever done when traveling. My group was surprised at one point to see a sign that said something to effect of "Bring back Communism!" Only did we realise that although the wall was down and communism was gone in Germany, those communist leaders are still around and some still in governmental positions. After all, this only happened 20 years ago.

Do you how the fall of the wall came to be? Evidently, in order to show more peace-like characteristics, East Germany announced that they would start giving exit visas to whomever wanted to visit West Berlin. The people misunderstood, believing that the East Germans were saying the border was open and rushed the guards, and started tearing the wall, a symbol of oppression. Interesting, huh? (

Oppression is a funny thing. It has a way of cutting you off from those you love and limits what you can and cannot do. If the inhabitants had rushed the guards say 30 years earlier, think of how different their lives would have been. But in the midst of oppression, it is easy to feel like you cannot do anything. It binds your feet, makes you fearful, and keeps you captive for as long as possible. It's destructive and doesn't allow for you to progress. And yet, having a concrete wall in your life is not the end of the story...or at least, it doesn't have to be.

"Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith." Hebrews 12:1-2

Wednesday, November 4

Christmas, cooking, class

Have I told you about my neighbor? Ahh yes...right here. Well, last night he serenaded me again. His choice of song? The First Noel...I think someone is ready for Christmas! It made me chuckle.

I can definitely tell it is fall/winter season, mainly because I'm in the cooking mood again. Munchies, comfort foods, sweets, etc! Of course, it could also be because I'm in school again. When I'm taking classes, cooking/baking becomes a therapeutic and creative outlet for me. It gives me a break from readin', writin' and arithmetic (except for arithmetic, which isn't a part of my degree) and allows me a few moments of joy. I have pumpkin puree sitting in my freezer and I'm contemplating making Pumpkin Pudding and/or Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. Plus, I was in the mood for Chex Mix when I last went grocery shopping, which I've already made, and now have extra Chex to use I try to make Caramel Popcorn only with Chex instead of popcorn or Muddy Buddies? But I need all or any of that food hanging around my home? NO (shaking head vigorously)!!! So I need to time my food-making with activities which allow me to share the calories. Right now, my calendar is pretty light, not that I'm complaining. (Although I suppose I could just share without activities...I do have plans to interact with people...I'm not a hermit.) We'll see...

Week 3 of my class...I'm not sure I've adjusted to the school schedule yet, mainly because my first two weeks were quite busy. I need to get into a rhythm which is conducive to the class assignments and stink-load of reading I have to do each week. Not there yet. I have an assignment that is due every Wednesday by 10pm...I'm not ready to do it today because I haven't even done half of my reading yet. Oy vey! It will get always does.

Monday, November 2

What Grabs My Heart

I love it when God "re-grabs" my heart for certain things.

I spent the weekend at a middle-school (6-8th grade) event with about 20 of our church's youth. I never want to go to these weekend things because they are exhausting and I normally dislike being gone all weekend. However, I'm always amazed after weekend events when I come home tired but refreshed and refocused on God, as was this weekend. But I am digressing.

I l.o.v.e. middle school students. Love, love, love! They are at such a good age. They are funny, quirky, genuine, innocent, smart, and accepting. They are easy to get to know and love back easily. They can act mature and reflective one moment and then turn and be entertaining and exuberant the next. They can make me laugh one moment and then make me cry the next.

It was reiterated to me this weekend that middle school students have some deep thoughts. They are so young and yet this is the age when they start wrestling with God, their identity, and their purpose in life. Their thoughts excites me. And the burdens that some of these youth carry around on their shoulders, makes my heart break. Lord, whatever you have in store for my future is fine but please let it include middle-school students somehow!

Another thing that grabs my heart is missions. Our speaker this weekend challenged the youth to be a part of sharing the gospel to those who have never heard. Then he had an alphabetic list of people groups (and the countries they are in) who have minimally heard the gospel or not at all, running on a big screen. We were seriously in the "A's" for at least 4 minutes alone. It broke my heart. I'm willing to go wherever the Lord wants me to go. Here am I, send me!

Lastly, I learned a new song this week that I love: "You're Beautiful" by Phil Wickham. Enjoy.