Tuesday, November 17

Morning, Day, and Night

Morning: I always think it's funny when I stop somewhere on the way to work and someone asks me "So how's your day going?" I usually want to retort, "I've only been up an hour...ask me later on" but usually reply back with a smile, "so far, so good."

Day: Did I moan some time in the last two weeks about how slow work had been? It was the only slow area of my life but it was driving me crazy. Seriously, how do you spend 40 hours a week when you have no work to do? Anyhow, I found something I could do which made me really happy. This upcoming Sunday and the following Sunday, I'm teaching Sunday School, on Judges and Ruth. Since the rest of my life (outside of work) has been busy, let's make the most of my work time by working on my lessons. Purpose at work...hurrah!

This was a good idea until last Friday, which is when actual job responsibilities came back into my life. Now I have a large stack of things to do and my Sunday School lessons are resting. Oh dear! Not all of my responsibilities are urgent so I'll actually probably make some of it wait and finish up my lessons...after all, I really don't have time to work on them outside of work.

Night: Yesterday, I had a hankering for a BLT. So I ran to the store on my way home and picked up the necessary ingredients and had the most delicious sandwich ever. I decided to change up this sandwich a bit by adding avocados. Yum!

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