About Me

What is a good way to introduce myself?

I could give all the "stats" of my birth, family, likes/dislikes, education, and work history. I could think of oddities, as I've done before.  I suppose it doesn't matter how or what I share, as long as I share.

God has given me a heart for others, especially for ones who are hurting. I find myself walking with others, sharing in their grief, even if I don't necessarily seek it out. Likewise, I share in their joys, even when they are joys that are not yet a part of my life (ie marriage, children, ministry position). I am so thankful that God allows me to share in those joys...I repeatedly offer Him grateful thanks in those times.

As a child, my nature was very compassionate and sensitive...I think that God has only enriched and honed those elements for His present and future development in my life and to serve others. This does mean that at times a sentimental commercial, book, song, or movie might very well make me cry. But it also means that because of Him, I care. Not that I'm perfect and please don't read the above as bragging rights.

I have also had times where I have faced the very nastiness that resides in my heart. Times of great anger and even hatred. Times when I've been reminded that without God in my life, to redeem those ugly attributes and to sanctify the heart and mind, I would be a horrid self-centred person. Any good in my life or in my personality is solely because of the presence of God in me (James 1:17).

So if you happen to read more than one post, what will you learn about me? Well, I love coffee. God has called me into ministry, although in the dozen years since that calling, I've only been in full-time ministry for two years...I long for the day when God always me leave my current job to return into full-time ministry but am trying to be content with where He has me. I am single (never married and nor have kids) which is a topic of discussion between God and I, from time to time. I have fondness for youth and children and would love to have my arms full of children who are in need of love and leadership. My life's mission statement would probably be to show children/youth what it means to be loved and to show them Christ's love, while helping them become men/women who can not only healthily contribute to society but also hopefully love and serve the Lord, in return.

Well, I think that's a good introduction to start with.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away...I love getting to know others!
Enjoy your day!

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Jenny said...

This is a wonderful introduction and tells us the most important things about you -- what is in your hear! Bravo!