Wednesday, May 13

Thank-you-Jesus Moments

Today I am thankful for Jehovah Jireh, the Lord who provides.

Whenever I am (really) tired, I get emotional. Yesterday at work, I was feeling cranky, tired, and emotional and wondering how I would ever get my homework done before my plane leaves tomorrow morning.

I went home, made a pot of coffee and perked up. God gave me sustaining energy until midnight, which was enough time for me to complete a major assignment, take a quiz, and post a comment on the class' discussion page. All I have left to do is respond to two other student's comments and I am good to go...the class will be finished. I am confident I'll have this done today during my lunch break. Hallelujah!

This is such a burden this means that I can enjoy tonight and not stress as much.
The Lord is helping me finish well!

Saturday, May 9

Mental Short-Circuiting

I am at the point of time when my mind goes a bit numbe because of school and work. between both school and work, Iam ont he computer about 60 hours aweek. My classes run in two terms: fall and spring, each of which consists of three classes per term. I find that when I get to the end of the second term, my mind is a bit slower than "ususal." What is oful is that my typeing becomes atrocius. It ends up taking me twice a s long to writ a silly paragraph because Iam constantly making mistakes. What is funy is that some times what I thik isn't what I end up writing at all...I'll reread my emails at work or my homework and wonder how did I end up wiriting those comments wehen I was completely thinking about something else. It's crazy. and yes, all the typos in this paragraph ar genuine...I just dicided not to correct them to show you how mental my mind goes.

The scary thing is that I still have one more class before the term is over...oy vey!

Thursday, May 7

7 days

Seven days from now I leave for Germany and Holland. Hooray!

Six days from now my class needs to be might be a long night!

Five days from now is when I'll hopefully finish my class instead of the next day!

Four days from now is my 30th birthday....30! How did I get to this age already?

Three days from now I need to carve out time for Mom (and then do homework the rest of the day!)

Two days from now I am going to carve out time for me by getting a birthday tradition.

One day from now, aka tomorrow, I'll be looking forward to the weekend!

Seven short crazy week!

Sunday, May 3


May I just whine for a moment? I have 11 days until I leave for vacation meaning that I have 10 days to finish my homework...I have so much to do that right now, I'm wondering it will all come together.

I know...I should be working on homework instead of being on here but I am not feeling homework. I am on the computer approximately 60 hours a week between school and work and so right now, I'm just not wanting to be on the computer to do homework.

I don't wanna do my homework! Don't! Don't! Don't!

I've had my laptop on for the last hour and have typed all of two sentences. That averages about 1 word a minute...yep, I'm good. Maybe I need just to get some fresh air and then come back to refocus...maybe I need to remember why I'm working on my Master's degree to begin with...both are good ideas!

Thanks for letting me whine.