Friday, February 15

The Grand Canyon

I went to the Grand Canyon in early January. It was my first time there. It was beautiful, amazing, and freezing.


Saturday, February 9

The feeling I'm being eaten alive

About three weeks ago, I had this temporary guest:

Completely cute and sweet.
A stray that was being nursed back to health by my friends.

I considered the possibility that maybe I could finally become a dog owner. So I welcomed this guy into my home and kept him for all of two nights before deciding that I was ready to be a dog owner, especially to a puppy. He is now back at my friends who plan to take him to a no-kill shelter. We are confident that he will be adopted quickly.

However this cute little thing brought flees into my house. I have tolerated them way too long and now feel that I am being eaten alive. Literally my legs are covered in bites and the last few couple nights I have slept horribly because I swear they are swarming all over me. Ugh!

So I have one of those Fogger things and plan to use it tomorrow while I go to church.
Cheers to the death of all the flees and any other creature in the nooks and crannies of my house!