Thursday, February 26


Ever been around a pessimistic person? My whole life...thank you very much! Half of my immediate family views life from a glass half empty perspective and the other half of us see things more full. At times our various points of view are just funny. At times it is overwhelming and I get so tired of hearing the complaints or negative thoughts. When I am around consistently pessimistic people, I try to carefully monitor my thoughts and comments because I want to be a good example.

When I don't monitor my thoughts, I can see myself becoming a bit that a word? I start to snap, become judgmental, think myself better than others, and very irritable.

I've been casually thinking about miracles over the last couple days since I'm going to lead a little devotional on miracles next Wednesday. It has dawned on me that who I am today is probably the greatest miracle God has given me. The fact that I am a person who can recognize my snarky inclinations, ask God to replace them with love and goodness, and then live in and through those characteristics instead, is a miracle indeed! The fact that I can choose how I feel and am sensitive to any attitudinal or actual changes that God may be asking of me, is also a miracle. The fact that God even wants to use me when the core of me is not pretty or nice, is the greatest miracle. Jesus loves even me!

Monday, February 23

My Mind is a Rolodex

When I'm in the middle of my classes, I find that I begin to think in list format. I create a mental list and am regularly flipping through the cards of all that I need to remember and accomplish. Most of the time this method is effective however, like this photo, my mind is typically a bit messy. There have been times I forget things or find myself with a small amount of time with a large number of "red-flagged" items to accomplish. By the end of each term, my mental rolodex is almost unuseable. Cards get lost...I can't remember memory is shot. So right now, I'm mind is full but things are not forgotten. Come July, the situation will be entirely different...the things I will remember will be blessed indeed!

Perhaps I should consider another processing method. :)

Wednesday, February 18

Coffee Snob

How does one stop being a coffee snob?

I am such a person. I know part of the snobbery is purely a mental thing. If Folgers is stamped on the bag, the word "instant," or if the coffee comes in a can, my nose goes up an inch (or two). I can drink about a cup of it but I don't enjoy it. It simply does not taste good. However give me coffee beans, nicely roasted, pretty much from any bulk company, and I become a happy, contented coffee drinker.

Has the great Starbucks spoiled me? Has going to Starbucks and other various coffee shops and espresso stands trained my taste buds to be disgusted with anything "cheap?" OR am I right to know that there is a significant difference, in taste and quality, because after all, I have had the privilege to roast many a coffee bean! I have worked in a coffee shop! Maybe I should be proud of such snobbery! I can distinguish a good coffee flavor...hear, hear!!

Here's what I'm afraid of though. God has called me to be a missionary. Missionaries sometimes have to live with things that are different from what is readily available in the USA. What if God calls me somewhere where coffee only comes in a can? ...gasp... What will I do? So back to my first does one stop being a coffee snob?

Is there a 12-step program for such people?

Friday, February 13

Upstairs Neighbor

I need to share about my neighbor. First of all, I live in a 3 story apartment building and I am planted right in the middle. I honestly have no clue who lives below me and I try to be consider of what noise I might be creating as I move around my apartment. I'm sure at times I must sound like an elephant but hopefully most of the time that is not the case. The only neighbors I periodically hear are the ones next to me (share the same wall length-wise) and the neighbor above me. If I were to guess, the family next to me is Hispanic (I think about three people live there...not sure!) and the guy above me is Middle-Eastern (who I think lives by himself).

I have decided that one day I want to meet my upstairs neighbor. I have no clue as to what he does but his car is outside when I leave for work at 8am and is gone when I come home at 5pm. He usually gets home around 7-8pm and gets his second wind of energy around 10pm, when I'm getting ready for bed. Overall, its rather quite funny but when I'm trying to fall asleep and my neighbor is thumping around his apartment or belting out show tunes, I usually start muttering of my woes and reach for the earplugs.

Yes, my neighbor sings show tunes, which is the funny part. Last night, Mr. Show Tunes serenated me with "Sunrise, Sunset" and "If I Were a Rich Man" from the great Fiddler on the Roof. I have enjoyed an assortment of entertaining songs from Mr. Show Tunes such as "I Did It My Way" and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" Thankfully, he is a good singer.

In the life I've created for him, he highlights part-time as a lounge singer, hoping to one day make it to Broadway! So practice he must!

Thursday, February 5


I dreamt of Germany last night. I dreamt that I was returned to BFA for a visit and was sitting at the dorm waiting for kids to get home from school. I remember specifically dreaming of four of my kids, giving them hugs when I first get to see them.

I miss them...

It's funny how a good dream (one I don't want to wake up from) can turn into sadness...