Thursday, February 26


Ever been around a pessimistic person? My whole life...thank you very much! Half of my immediate family views life from a glass half empty perspective and the other half of us see things more full. At times our various points of view are just funny. At times it is overwhelming and I get so tired of hearing the complaints or negative thoughts. When I am around consistently pessimistic people, I try to carefully monitor my thoughts and comments because I want to be a good example.

When I don't monitor my thoughts, I can see myself becoming a bit that a word? I start to snap, become judgmental, think myself better than others, and very irritable.

I've been casually thinking about miracles over the last couple days since I'm going to lead a little devotional on miracles next Wednesday. It has dawned on me that who I am today is probably the greatest miracle God has given me. The fact that I am a person who can recognize my snarky inclinations, ask God to replace them with love and goodness, and then live in and through those characteristics instead, is a miracle indeed! The fact that I can choose how I feel and am sensitive to any attitudinal or actual changes that God may be asking of me, is also a miracle. The fact that God even wants to use me when the core of me is not pretty or nice, is the greatest miracle. Jesus loves even me!

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Erika said...

I didn't know you had a blog! Ahh, snarky attitudes, I struggle with that to, definately. It's very hard to rise above those irritations and be the better person! Thanks for the reminder, I need to be better at that!