Monday, July 1

him and me

“I just don’t understand,” started the conversation between myself and my friends. “I just don’t understand how he can consider you to be like his dad and mom and yet he rebels and resists and chooses to not submit.”

As soon as the words slipped out, I was reminded that this is how my relationship with God can be.
  • God: my Father, whom I love, who is very important to me and has changed my life.
  • Me: the child, who still wants to do my own thing, who still wants to reject and resist and not submit to the will of the Father.
Am I any different? Am I any less hard-hearted at times? Is the boy, of whom I was talking, any less able to be touched and changed as I have been? Is not this boy a reminder of my own “prone-to-wander” syndrome? A reminder of the grace and forgiveness that I have been offered? A reminder of how sweet and powerful the love of the Father can truly be, when at last my heart repents?

Just as my story is yet from being over, there is more for this boy. Just as my life has been marked by Love, so has his…only he has yet to understand that! And for that, with renewed humility, I pray.