Thursday, November 7

Highlights from the last two months

To give you a sense as to what I've been up to, I thought I'd share a few highlights:
  • I have been able to Skype twice with my Oasis friends and boys. That has been a lovely blessing although both times I have felt a bit homesick for them afterwards.
  • My friends and I had a taco night at which I was asked to teach my friends how to make homemade tortillas. The tortillas turned out beautifully. The tacos were delicious. The fellowship was great!
  • Coffee dates with friends. Coffee. Friends. Win-win!
  • Reconnecting with my church. There are many new people and so it has been great to meet some new people, while seeing other friends. Also having sermons and song time in English has been lovely.
  • Speaking of which, the sermon series that my pastor is taking us through. It is a series on the book and person of Nehemiah. Most weeks I walk away thinking that the sermon is so applicable to where I am in life: knowing what passions God has given me, praying, waiting, and speaking when the opportunity arises. It's been nice to have my heart for Mexico, especially the Oasis boys, reaffirmed through the sermon.
  • While in town, I am staying with a dear friend and her husband. She was my mentor for two years, I think, through which a great friendship developed. She and her husband graciously opened up their house for the 4 months (!!) that I am in WA. It has been not only a blessing but fun as well.

I think that is all for now. Hope you have a blessed day!

Wednesday, November 6

Two months

Hey Hey...I'm here, writing! (Hi Mom!)

I left Mexico two months ago to return home to Washington. Since arriving home, I had a few interviews and was just recently approved to return to Mexico as an Envision Site Associate...the "long-term staff" title. So now I am in the process of raising support in order to return.

If you know anything about the Christian & Missionary Alliance, you know that they pay their missionaries from a general fund that most church across the USA gives to. Therefore, missionaries don't have to raise support but rather can go out into their fields and do the work. However, even though Envision is part of the C&MA, the C&MA has decided that all Envision missionaries have to raise their own support. So I'm here...waiting and praying and sharing.

In addition to raising support, I am also ankle deep in Consecration...a 3-year long process that is like ordination. Well, technically it's not "like ordination;" it is ordination, however only guys (in the C&MA) are ordained...women are consecrated. *shrug shoulders* Anywhooo, this process includes much book reading, report writing and paper writing.

The rest of my time is filled with family commitments, getting together with people, going to the gym, and occasionally working at my previous job. There are days when I feel like I am drowning in commitments and just wish to shake it all off and start driving south.

Is it a surprise that I'm a bit homesick for Mexico? That being said, I have also enjoyed being in WA and reconnecting with friends, family, and my church. Blessings here, blessings there. God is good.

There's more I can share...and I'll my best to get some of those things down, sooner than later.