Thursday, December 18

7 Days To Go

Since my boss has told me not to come in due to the snow, I'm hanging out here at home doing some reading and cleaning. And since it is 7 days until Christmas, I thought I'd share my 7 favorite Christmas songs for 2008, not particularly in order of preference.

1. Twelve Days of Christmas by Straight No Chaser. This always makes me laugh when I hear it on the radio! Funny!

2.White Christmas by Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters. Cheesy's the song I like!

3. White Christmas by Bing Crosby. Classic and beautiful...also from my favorite Christmas movie!

4. Peace On Earth by Casting Crowns. Love LOVE this song! This might be my favorite!

5. Carol of the Bells. This version is by the Barrington Children's's pretty good.

6. A Baby Changes Everything by Faith Hill. Okay, I think this song is a bit cheesy but I love the song starting about half-way becomes a worship song!

7. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Judy Garland, Diana Krall, or Sarah McLachlan. All these versions make me want a cup of coffee while sitting snug inside!

Tuesday, December 16

I love the cold!

I love it when the temperature drops and I get to wear sweaters and scarves! I love it when I get to use my duvet and snuggle under it while knowing that it's stinking cold in my room and apartment. I enjoy snow and cold crisp mornings. I've even convinced myself that I didn't mind the (very) cold (and long) Regina winters, while at college.

However, I don't like being cold. I like the heater on, blankets around me, and cozy temperatures when inside, with a hot cup of coffee nearby. There is one thing that I genuinely appreciated about Saskatchewan versus Washington. Here in WA, we have a "wet cold" where you go inside and can feel cold for a long time...the cold gets inside me and keeps me chilled much longer. In Regina, it's more of a "dry cold" would freeze while outside but within minutes of stepping indoors, you're warm again shedding your winter clothes.

Despite loving the cold, I am definitely not opposed to a nice warm (hot) sunny day! While dreaming of a white Christmas, I also dream of galavanting off to a tropical island, sitting on a beach enjoying warmth. Contradictory, yes...but it's just who I am!

Friday, December 5

It gets worse before it gets better!

So on my school break "wish list" I mentioned the state of desperation that my apartment is in or maybe it's the state of desperation that I am in about my apartment...

Anyways, I decided to get started yesterday. Before work, I went through my bookshelf and took out a number of books I didn't want or knew I wouldn't read. (I have a number of school books that I don't want either but common sense told me I should probably hang onto them until I'm done with school.) Then, last night I pulled out a 55-gallon tote full of junk and who knows what and started sorting that. I made a pile to recycle, a pile to keep, and a pile to get rid off. My goal is to fill that tote back up with stuff to give away.

My apartment is messy! It was messy before I started and now that I have unloaded a 55-gallon tote, it's even more messy. But I fully anticipated that my apartment would get worse before it gets better. Maybe I should take photos to track my progress. At any rate, now is not the time for me to have guests OR maybe having guests would make me clean faster...

I think next I'll tackle my clothes which I anticipate will be an easy and quick job. Then comes the 2nd 55-gallon tote...which is loaded with a bunch of stuff from Germany. Not sure how much I can get rid of. That tote will be a slow job probably due to walks down memory lane.

Why am I doing all this (beside just cleaning up)? I still have stuff sitting at my parents house...I have so much stuff! My parents are retired and plan to eventually move so it would be great if I could minimize my belongings and free up their house of my stuff in the process. If you don't hear from me a few days, it may be that I got buried alive under all my stuff...sigh...

Switching topics...last night I made Chicken Pot Pie for dinner...a great way to use up turkey leftovers, if there is still some hanging around. I always tweak this recipe by adding potatos and a bit more salt because of the pototoes but the recipe is pretty good! Also tonight I'm going to start making the Nanaimo Bars that I mentioned below.

Wednesday, December 3

A New Love Language

I have discovered a new love language to go along with Gary Chapman's The Five Love Languages (or maybe it's just MY love language).

One of my love languages is Coffee...yes, coffee.

I love drinking coffee.
I love anybody who buys me coffee.
I love relationships that grow over coffee times.

Does this count?