Tuesday, December 16

I love the cold!

I love it when the temperature drops and I get to wear sweaters and scarves! I love it when I get to use my duvet and snuggle under it while knowing that it's stinking cold in my room and apartment. I enjoy snow and cold crisp mornings. I've even convinced myself that I didn't mind the (very) cold (and long) Regina winters, while at college.

However, I don't like being cold. I like the heater on, blankets around me, and cozy temperatures when inside, with a hot cup of coffee nearby. There is one thing that I genuinely appreciated about Saskatchewan versus Washington. Here in WA, we have a "wet cold" where you go inside and can feel cold for a long time...the cold gets inside me and keeps me chilled much longer. In Regina, it's more of a "dry cold"...you would freeze while outside but within minutes of stepping indoors, you're warm again shedding your winter clothes.

Despite loving the cold, I am definitely not opposed to a nice warm (hot) sunny day! While dreaming of a white Christmas, I also dream of galavanting off to a tropical island, sitting on a beach enjoying warmth. Contradictory, yes...but it's just who I am!

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