Friday, March 6

Learning New Things

In my pursuit to become a missionary, it has been recommended that I find a mentor. I found myself a mentor officially about a month ago. What a blessing she is to my life! We've been friends and fellow coffee drinkers for years but to move into a mentoring relationship, is a treat.

So first things first...she had me take a Strength Finder test, which gives you the top 5 things that you excel in. Then she had me take a spiritual gift's test, which pretty much reiterated what the Strength Finder test revealed.

God has made me to be someone who is geared towards counseling or mentoring. Back a long time ago, I considered counseling as a career but figured I would likely "take work home with me" and should therefore avoid that field. Mentoring is something I've long desired to participate in with others but have alway felt uncertain, unqualified, and actually still have no idea about how I'd go about become someone's mentor.

So my mentor's goal is to mentor me to become a mentor to others.
This undoubtably will be a part of whatever missionary ministry I eventually go into.

The process of self-discovery is something I find interesting. Learning about how God made us and how He has wired our hearts, is something I enjoy learning about. I hope these times of self-discovery help me to become the type of person who can help others understand themselves and more importantly, the heart of God.

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