Sunday, May 3


May I just whine for a moment? I have 11 days until I leave for vacation meaning that I have 10 days to finish my homework...I have so much to do that right now, I'm wondering it will all come together.

I know...I should be working on homework instead of being on here but I am not feeling homework. I am on the computer approximately 60 hours a week between school and work and so right now, I'm just not wanting to be on the computer to do homework.

I don't wanna do my homework! Don't! Don't! Don't!

I've had my laptop on for the last hour and have typed all of two sentences. That averages about 1 word a minute...yep, I'm good. Maybe I need just to get some fresh air and then come back to refocus...maybe I need to remember why I'm working on my Master's degree to begin with...both are good ideas!

Thanks for letting me whine.

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