Monday, November 30

A Tale of a Pesky Love

Once upon a time, there was a sweet smelling girl. She worked in a small office, spending her hours using the computer, phone or fax. It wasn't an awful place to work but neither was it the most cheerful place. So she surrounded herself with plants. Nice lush greenery.

One day the sweet smelling girl noticed that a pesky little gnat was flying around her. She brushed it away and didn't give him another thought. The next day, the little gnat was flying all over, in front of her computer, near her face, and even around her coffee cup. This was much too bothersome. **SWAT**

After killing the gnat, she promptly didn't give him another thought. That is, until his brother came visiting. **SWAT** This his cousin came calling and drowned in her coffee cup...yuk! The another cousin came. **SWAT**SWAT**

They were driving her crazy. Why did these pesky gnats have to bother her? Is it because she is sweet-smelling or due to her lovely greenery? **SWAT** Another gnat bit the dust. She investigated her beautiful plants and none of them seem infested. Was her new perfume...the cause of her blame? **SWAT**

It seemed that no matter how many gnats she killed, she would soon see another flying around her desk. So one day she decided to not wear her perfume to see what would happen. And guess what?? She only saw one gnat that day. What's a girl to do?

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Debbi Hawney said...

What was the name of that perfune...I want to make sure I don't buy it for my mom for Christmas! Takes a lot to wreck a cup of coffee but a gnat would do it that is for sure!