Sunday, November 22

Lists of Things

Back in March, I created a list of some of my favorite things. Since lists are fun (in my opinion), I thought I would come up with a few more.

Things I'd rather be doing than homework:
1. Posting on my blog...I'm currently procrastinating by this post!
2. Napping
3. Watching a movie
4. Reading a book
5. Starting Christmas shopping

Things I'm thankful for:
1. That my class ends in two weeks!
2. A job that allows me to go to school.
3. Friends at church.
4. Things that keep me warm: heaters, scarves, sweaters, coffee.
5. Music to listen to and sing along to.

Things I intend to do this Thanksgiving week:
1. Enjoy having Thursday and Friday off of work.
2. Work on my final project.
3. Go see the Nutcracker ballet.
4. Go see New Moon, if time allows.
5. Enjoy a yummy meal with my family.

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