Wednesday, November 25

Thanksgiving Thankfulness, Part 2

I was all mentally set to post about being thankful for the energy that God provides....but.....this morning while doing my morning blog scan to see what has been newly posted, I came across Ryan Detzel's post on being thankful for something strange. So I decided to go with it.

I am thankful for repeats on TV.

--When I am in school, I appreciate repeats since it gives me a good excuse to turn off the TV without feeling like I'm going to miss something on my favorite shows.
--On the weekends or in the summer, I'm thankful that some shows are repeated so that I can find out what I missed when it originally aired.
--And when there is still nothing good on and I've all the repeats I'm interested in seeing, I'm thankful that repeats give me an opportunity to read a book (again, with the knowledge that I am not missing anything exciting).

I know this makes it sound like I watch TV all the time...I really don't. I just have a few shows that I "need" to watch each week and a couple others I watch whenever the stars align. And I know that DVR would aid in the process of seeing what I've missed but really...I'm a student...I don't have time for all that TV. I'm better off with repeats!

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