Tuesday, January 4

this and that

I applied to a job in Toledo, Ohio yesterday. I emailed the head guy to find out if they were still hiring. He told me that he believes they have enough applicants to fill the remaining positions but encouraged to submit an application. I know God can move mountains...here's praying...

I bought my ticket to go to Toronto, Ontario in June. I'm so excited to know that I'm going to see a handful of friends...some of whom, I haven't seen for about 6 years. It will be a week of emotional and relational highs! I'm sure to come home exhausted.

You know how I mentioned that one of my joys was productivity? Well, I love the feeling and knowledge that I have been productive but struggle to start the momentum behind productivity. I suppose that is like anything else, right? It's easier to maintain healthy behaviors, to regular clean up after yourself, to read your Bible daily, etc, if you are already doing so. It's the starting that seems tiresome, daunting, or overwhelming. The old principle that it's easier to keep a wheel in motion than to get it started. All this to say, that in a couple areas, I'm feeling tired, daunted, and overwhelmed.

My sister called me yesterday before leaving work, to ask if I wanted to go out for dinner. I suggested a fun restaurant that has happy hour until 6pm. Like most restaurants, they offer small appetizers or portions, at a smaller price, as part of happy hour. I envisioned that we would both order one or two things which would account for our dinner. So we met up, including our dad since mom is still in California, only to find out that as part of happy hour, there is a $3 drink minimum, which none of us wanted, and the normally free chips/salsa (which is seriously the best food item in the place) was now $2. Between our food selections, our required drink and buying the chips/salsa, our bill came out higher than if we had foregone the happy hour and just had dinner there. Needless to say, we left only mildly happy...oh well, lesson learned!

One thing I daydream about is having an apartment-garage sale. To open my doors, let people wander around, select the items they are interested in purchasing and then negotiating over the price. I'm sure my apartment complex (as well as my neighbors downstairs) would have something to say over the traffic. But how nice would it be to not have to set everything up and take everything down? I have a box in the closest off my balcony for junk to give away but I think if I had the apartment-garage sale, I'd be willing to part with a bunch more of my stuff. Ahh...sweet daydream...

Well, that's enough rambling for now...I need to get the productivity wheel moving here at work.

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