Thursday, January 6

Reflections on AWANA

AWANA is a program for children, mainly from 4 years old to 6th grade (although they do have a high school program technically). The kiddos come to play games, learn and say Bible verses, and have a small lesson, each Wednesday night. I went through the program myself from kindergarten to sixth grade and now I'm serving as a helper/leader for the 3-6th grade girls. Anyhow, here are a few random AWANA reflections.

--Between my 7 years as a clubber and now as a leader, it has been 26 years that I have been saying the pledge to the American flag, pledge to the AWANA flag (which makes me raise an eyebrow), and sing the AWANA theme song. I have decided that when I'm very old and senile, while others will be singing sweet hymns or choruses from their youth, I'll be still be singing the AWANA theme song. But watch out! At the end of the theme song, you are supposed to punch your arm in the air and say "youth on the march." I'm likely to hit a nursing home attendant or a visiting family member in my ignorant enthusiasm.

--Yesterday, one of the boys who was helping with the flag salute, was pledging allegiance to the American flag with his hand in the Star-Trek Spock formation: "Live long and prosper!" It made me laugh!

--Also yesterday, at the start of the verse time, one of the other leaders approached me and said she was sorry to hear about my grandpa and how is my we chatted for a little bit. The entire conversation was very cut-n-dry, really. However, when we finished talking, this one girl, who had been listening the entire time, leaned over and patted my shoulder in sympathy. Surprised and touched, I looked at her, chuckled, and said "ahhh....thank you" while patting her shoulder back. It was all very sweet!

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