Friday, December 31

A Bit of Joy, Part 9 (the finale)

This has been a good set my mind on things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable (Philippians 4:8). Sometimes it is hard to do, of course. But what has been reiterated to me is that joy is all around us. It is more a matter of opening our eyes to see and appreciate what God is doing.

Anyhow, here are my final 6. This should bring the total up to 50, unless I counted wrong! :)
  1. Often, for me, I find joy in cooking. Sure, there are times when I wish I didn't commit to making something and often I don't really cook for myself but normally, whenever I get the chance to play in the kitchen I find myself smiling, excited, creative, and useful. Cooking is one area in which I feel I get to be me, a bit more. It's an activity that energizes me. Today in the kitchen, I'm making Dulce de Leche and Hoppin' Johns. Also, another aspect of this is hospitality...I enjoy having people over and serving them.
  2. Preparing Sunday school lessons. Okay, okay...there are times, when I approach this with a drudgery but generally once I get into the planning, I love it! I love studying the Bible. I love "discovering" Christ in the Old Testament and then get excited to share it with my church's middle schoolers. This Sunday, I'm teaching "introduction to the minor prophets"...I'm diving into my studies right after this.
  3. Books, movies, or music that remind me of God and His goodness. This is a very broad one, I know. Right now, I'm reading the Harmony series by Philip Gully, which gives some sweet focus or reminder in every chapter. Also, I'm watching Monk, season 8...a show I love and am so sad is now over. However, even in Adrian Monk's character and the relationships that he has with others, I'm reminded that God has His hand in our lives and that by living with integrity, we bring honor to Him.
  4. Productivity. Don't get me wrong...I love my down time however, I love the feeling of having a productive day. The knowledge that I was able to get some things done or organized. Productivity makes the down time more rewarding, I think.
  5. Other people's joy bring me joy. I found out yesterday that another friend of mine is pregnant. That brings the count up to 4 pregnant friends  (I think) and 2 engaged friends. Their news brings joy as I know and share in their excitement and anticipate the blessings of those births/marriages.
  6. The hope for tomorrow. I suppose this is in the fact that I know God is in control and joy in the fact that in spite of everything, whatever that may be, I'm still able to have hope.
Thanks for sharing in this with me. Hope this has helped in recalling some of the joys in your life.
May this next year have God's handprint all over it...may He use you, bless you, and teach you more about Himself. Happy New Year!

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Kaye said...

Haha Dulce de Leche is such a fancy word for 'caramel'. (well that's what we've always called it :) ). I once tried to make this in Vanuatu, but didn't boil it long enough so the kids ended up have condensed-milk tarts for dessert haha! (i covered them in sprinkles and they ate every one of them).

I've loved reading your joy. Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a fabulous New Year when you eventually get here :-)