Friday, October 26

This week

This week has been a bit fun! Anytime I have an opportunity to exert creative energy is a good time. So what has this week included? Let me share:
  • I got to take two kids to the park. This park was pretty cool. I've been there before but prior to taking the two kids, I hadn't visited the toy area. This toy area had a whole collection of toys that allow for exercises...for example, the park has one toy that is basically an elliptical trainer and another that is essentially a rowing machine...but they're toys for kids to play with (as well as the adults who accompany said kids).
  • I was assigned the responsibility of providing banana and pumpkin bread for a church service in Tijuana next week. The estimated count is approximately 100 people. So I've been baking up a storm the last three days. With the two banana loaves in my oven right now, I now have 13 loaves ready for devouring. I love cooking/baking so this has been enjoyable. Plus my house smell a-maz-ing!!
  • Then tomorrow, I get to go to a Craft or Homemade Fair in Ensenada. It's all day tomorrow and I've been told that there will be a whole gamut of things from products to food to crafts. I have a friend who has started her own business creating beautiful accessories for hair, as well as jewelry. She is going to have a booth there and I am going to help her man the table from about 1-7pm. The location is right next to the port where the cruise ships come in and Saturday is a cruise ship day, so I'll be the English speaker for such visitors. I think my friend will do fabulously well at this fair...I so hope that is the case. At any rate, I'm excited to walk around and see the sights as well as trying to sell cute things. Maybe I should try the following Mexican salesman lines:
    • For you 99% off!
    • Almost free for missionaries/cruise visitors!
    • Come buy something you don't need! (seriously, I've heard these all!!)
  • And last but not least, I got to operate an electric hand saw. There is something about power tools that make me want to grunt like Tim Allen in Home you know what I mean? I don't know if it's because I'm a woman that feels empowered, in that moment, or if it's just an innate desire of all humans when holding something that roars with power and a little danger. Regardless, I cut some wood and loved it!

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