Sunday, November 4

Birthdays in Mexico

So Mexican churches, at least the ones I visit, have this great birthday tradition. Well, at least I think it's great. And I don't know if it's solely a church tradition or if there is a variance of this in secular areas, such as schools.

If it's your birthday, they call you up in front of the church, usually at the end of the service. Then the pastor prays for you...all the words that I've understood have been really beautiful prayers of blessings.

Three people recently had birthdays, hence the larger group

Then, they play an upbeat birthday song while everyone, and I do mean everyone, walks up front and hugs the birthday person. It's this long parade of people to hug and say "felicidades" or whatever else.

After the line is through, everyone sits down and the service moves on.
I love it! I love the prayers. I love the hugs. I love this tradition.

But despite this sweetness, they will also smash cake into your face, if they have opportunity. Consider yourself warned.

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