Monday, November 28

Highlights from the last four days

I had the last four days off, in light of our Thanksgiving holiday this past Thursday. It was a lovely time off. Here are just a few of my highlights:
  • Lazy Thursday morning
  • Enjoyable fellowship and yummy food over Thanksgiving Dinner with siblings
  • 2 hour skype phone call with parents
  • Going to the theaters to see the newest Twilight movie and the Muppet's movie.
  • Finding another espresso stand that can make me a maple latte
  • Adding to my Nativity collection with one of Peanuts figurines
  • Decorating the Christmas tree and our apartment
  • Making cinnamon scones
  • Seeing the Rodger and Hammerstein's Cinderella, in Seattle, with my sisters
  • Teaching Sunday school this week
I love that the holiday season is now in full motion!
Now, if only we'd have snow within the next month...

On a different yet somewhat related note, every holiday time I feel more keenly aware of my singleness. Between movies of Christmas love and miracles to songs to even family time, I find myself year after year grieving that there's no special someone to share the holidays with. Don't get me wrong...I love (and am so thankful for) my family and the friends in my life but each Christmas, for the last 4 or 5 years, I find myself praying that maybe next Christmas I'll get to spend it with my Beloved's family. But Christmas is the time for joy and love, and of course, hope. So each holiday season, I "fight" these "single-awareness" feelings, trying to focus instead on the miracle that God provided us and the opportunity to share that joy and hope with others. And even though the grief/longing is never too far removed, I always end up having a good holiday season...which I'm thankful for. Anyhow, that's all...I just wanted to share this.

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