Wednesday, November 23

The Cheaper Chicken

There's a scene in Father of the Bride, where George Banks is feeling the increasing burden of the cost of his daughter's upcoming wedding. The house has to be remodeled, furniture moved, swans brought in, then there's all the decorations and the foods to also pay for. And George snaps. (If you haven't seen this movie or if you'd like a little laughter, feel free to watch this youtube clip.) He turns to Franc, the wedding planner and tells him that (instead of veal or seafood) he wants "the cheaper chicken."

This Thanksgiving, my siblings are going to go with the cheaper chicken.

My cheaper chicken

Since the parental unit has moved down south, it's just us siblings throwing together a Thanksgiving dinner. And let me tell you, those turkeys are expensive! So, we are settling for the turkey's relative instead.

Really, under the gravy, who will know?
Yay! I saved money!

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