Friday, June 24

Just a few things.

I have worn a dress more times in the last month than I have in the last ten years, at least. Crazy. It feels odd but sweetly feminine. I like it!

I recently bought (and gave away) a book on gratitude:

One Thousand Gifts by Ann's a good book (at least the first half I read was good...then I gave it away). I intend to quickly buy it again so that I can finish it up. I have been writing down things to be grateful for over the last month and's a good exercise to reflect on the day and see the good in it.

When I was in Ohio, I got to see one of my kiddos from Germany. He brought me this:

A smores's a donut with marshmallow creme on top, crushed grahams, and a chocolate drizzle. I thanked him, did a happy dance, and told him he is my favorite kid ever! The donut was very VERY sweet and I ended up eatting only half with strong coffee.

I need a new coffee-date friend. The friend I could always depend on for coffee-dates moved to Mexico. Can you believe it? The nerve of her to go serve God in Mexico when I need her for coffee-dates! :) So now, I'm coffee-date-less and I would really like a coffee-date. I guess this a good opportunity for me to build a connection with someone new.

Over the fourth of July weekend (2nd-4th), I'm going to Portland, Oregon! Okay, Portland is only about 3.5 hours south of me but I never go there! I'm going to visit a friend and hopefully get to see one of my kiddos from Germany (now a 2nd year college student). My friend is putting a little list together of sites we can occurred to me that while I've been to Portland before, I'm not sure I've ever been a "tourist" in this could be pretty cool.

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