Monday, June 27

Initial reaction

I told my parents on Saturday, I think, that I have officially decided to move to Pennsylvania to attend Philadelphia Biblical University.

My mom called me today at work, freaked out in a way that only parents can be freaked out.

She wanted to know what I'd do for a job? And what happens if I don't find one?? Because then my current job would be gone???

Then she wanted to know about traveling at the end of December!, across the country including two or three mountain ranges!!, and through states that are known to have real winter snows!!!!

All I could do was smile and listen and told her I'd call back later. I work in a small office where everyone can hear my phone calls and I really didn't want to get into this at work, as I've yet to tell my boss the good news that my days are numbered (good news to me, not him).

I'll admit the moving element does have me a little worried but it's still a half a year away...and I'm quick to think that it will all work out (a sentiment my parents do not confidently share).

Good times. :)


Moe said...

Congrats!!! Exciting. I hope all goes well (including parents convo). Just steer away from Phillies fans. Those people are nuts!! :)

Kaye said...

woah! so exciting!

I'm contemplating a mega-move in December too...eek.

I hope everything works out for you and you get your prents onside!

Mindy said...

Thanks Moe and Kaye! Everything will work out...maybe just not as predictable/planned as my parents would prefer. :)

Kaye, praying God grants you wisdom over this decision (James 1:5)!