Tuesday, June 21

dazed and confused

I've been on vacation this past week, roaming around the southwestern part of Ontario, Canada and even into Northern Ohio. A college friend of mine got married and I wanted to witness his joy (and meet his bride, who is delightful). So....since I very rarely go over to that region, I took advantage of the opportunity to see 4 sets of friends: 2 college friends and 2 couples that I worked with in Germany. A very nice and very fast week!

But now I'm back at work and have a heap of things to sort through...to figure out what I've missed and what still needs to be taken care of. Coming back is always a bit stunning. I just need to push through this so that I can feel tidy and organized.

Speaking of tidy and organized...my bedroom is a mess. I share an apartment with my sister, which has been and is good, but one thing that irks me...a pet peeve, if you will...is that whenever she "cleans" the main living area, she just throws all my stuff in my bedroom. Yes, I know this sounds logical but it makes my room a mess as I then have to sort and figure out what is there. I guess the thing that really gets to me is that clearly books go on the bookshelf, movies go in the movie case, junk mail is clearly junk mail, and bills go in one neat stack on the bookshelf...but they all get thrown in my bedroom. I'm itching to get my room all clean again as the current state leaves me frustrated and tired...but am not sure if the cleaning will happen today.


The greatest area of being dazed and confused is not at work or my apartment but over my future and what God desires for me. I am 90% certain that I'm forgetting about the Master's of Science in Education degree, even though I was just accepted into the program. And am now cautiously/hesitantly pursuing a Master's of Science in Bible degree...but to what avail? Yes, this degree interests me greatly but do I really want to be a Bible teacher?  Round and round and round the thoughts go in my head. One friend in Canada thinks I should ditch school (as I already have a Bachelors and Masters), and should jump into ministry. While I appreciate his advise, it has only helped in leaving me conflicted and confused. So my prayer has become James 1:5: "if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God who gives to all men, generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him." Yep...that's what I need.

So yeah...that's where things stand.
If God tells you what I should do, please let me know! :)

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