Friday, June 10

Family and friends

--My parents are leaving today (to move to Arizona). I had to say goodbye to my old house, my old bedrooms, and to my parents. It wasn't awful. The only time I got choked up was when an elder from our church, who also happened to be my parent's realtor, stopped by to say goodbye, "as a friend, not a realtor." For some reason that touched me....then, not wanting to cry, I took a big swallow, looked away briefly, and was back to "normal" in seconds.

--I leave tomorrow...which I'm so excited for except for the fact that I am so tired! I have had late nights this week and haven't had a chance to catch up on sleep. Tomorrow (Saturday), I have to be at the airport at no sleeping in then. Where am I going? To visit a number of friends and to attend a friend's Toronto, Ontario! It has been 7 years since I last made it to that neck of the woods and seen those college friends.

--Last night, my family went out to dinner. When we were done, we needed to get going to head back to my parent's house for more packing and cleaning.
So my mom (who tends to talk a bit loudly) said, "Well, let's all head home."
My sister, embarrassed that others around might hear and think all of us adult kids live at home, said: "Shhhh!"
Then my brother piped up saying, in a louder volume: "Us kids need to get home for bedtime!"
At this point, my mom and I started laughing and laughing...and my sister walked off.
I think my brother is hilarious! He comes up with little lines which he says so seriously, that reduces me to laughter.

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