Tuesday, May 3

A glimpse into my youth (L-Z)

(aka...13 15 things you didn't need to know about me but will learn anyways)
(**clearly I wasn't thinking and didn't split the alphabet in half correctly...oh well...que sera, sera**) :)

L. I went to a Lutheran school from Kindergarten through 8th grade. What this means is that I got to memorize the Lutheran catechism every year for my Bible class. I got to say the 10 commandments and "what does this mean" each year. I learned the apostle's creed and later on learned it by song, in choir class, which is actually the only way I can recite the creed to you nowadays. And I said the Lord's prayer every single chapel. It was an interesting experience...some good elements, some less good. From my nine years there, I vowed I'd never go to Germany, which was "Lutheran" to me. Clearly God had a good laugh over that one!

M. I was a wee bit legalistic as a teen. For most of my teenage years, I thought any music that wasn't by a Christian artist was not Christian and should therefore not be listened to. I am honestly not sure where I got that from...

N. I never dated in high school. I observed some friends relational ups and downs and thought no thanks! Plus I like this one guy the whole time was waiting/hoping for him...but he never asked, which I see now is a good thing.

O. The fear of the Lord and of my parents (good fear, not scary fear) kept me fairly obedient growing up.

P. I switched to the public school in 9th grade. That was a hard, emotional transition. But transition I did and now I look back on those years with fondness and gratitude.

Q. For two years (I think), I did Bible Quizzing at my church. Bible quizzing is a youth activity where over the course of a year, you memorize a book of the Bible and then have meets where you compete against other churches/youth. It was a good experience but I do wish I had invested more in it.

R. I shared a room up until my last year of college...a perk of having siblings (and then college). I shared a room with my older sister until I was 14. Then Cari and Amy switched places so I had Amy as a roommate from 14 on. It was rough start for Amy and I but I adapted. We became close because of that time.

S. My most embarrassing moment involved Spanish class. Let's just say that I pronounced something very wrong in front of the whole class. That's all I'm saying. (I'm happy to tell you in person...just not on here for the world to read). :)

T. I was voted in one class as "most likely to become a teacher." My reaction was...no way, jose; not gonna happen! Now I'm thinking about it. Another chuckle for God.

U. When I was 15 and 16 (I think), I went on my first mission trips to Ukraine. Both summers, I went for one month with a group that was half comprised of church people. They were great experiences. We held camps for orphans or neglected youth. I would love to re-visit Ukraine one day.

V. I played volleyball and basketball in 7th and 8th grade. That was the extent of my sports career. For the record, I preferred basketball.

W. In 12th grade, I tried out and was chosen to be a part of the Women's Ensemble choir, at my school. That was a fun experience. One song we all hated was a version of the nursery rhyme "This Old Man." My favorite songs were "Count Your Blessings" from White Christmas and "Fairest Lord Jesus" for our baccalaureate. And those are about the only songs I remember...

X. In 12th grade, I worked as an office assistant as one of my classes (don't judge...I took three AP classes...this and choir were my only easy classes). I processed checks, helped the registrar (which meant I got to see people's grades), and frequently had to use a Xerox machine. How's that for using the letter "X"?

Y. The only time I yelled at someone was in 6th grade. I was "the good girl" and the teacher's pet and hated the latter. I saw this one girl yell at the teacher and that stuck me as the thing to do. I genuinely hoped to be sent to the principal's office. My teacher listened and then quietly/gently apologized...not the reaction I hoped for.

Z. I hosted this birthday party, at some point in high school, for several friends who had May birthdays. We played one game where we acted like animals in a zoo. Bet you wish you had been there!

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