Thursday, April 7

Things I've learned on my vacation

Visa is not accepted everywhere, despite what you might hear.

When you heat glass, it will explode. Into hundreds of pieces.

Gas stations are still not opened on Sunday's or Mondays before 8am, in Germany.

Just because you have a German's driver's license doesn't make you a good German driver.

'Joe vs. the Volcano' is not as amusing as I remember.

Don't wear heels when riding a bike.

The faith of parents can be passed on to their children and grandchildren.

It can be easy and nice to step back into a role.

While time changes people, love is able to create re-connections.

Asking people for life suggestions makes my brain full.

Working on school overseas would be difficult long-term.

It is possible to make new friends just about anywhere.

Three lattes/cappuccinos in one day is indeed too much.

Falling when riding a bike evokes sympathy.

Falling when riding a bike evokes lies that this is "her" first bike ride.

A little humility is not a bad thing.

A store full of cheese is a bit stinky.

Cinnamon gelato is still my favorite.


Some places will always feel like home no matter how long you're gone.

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