Wednesday, March 30

Short snippets

Running out of time.
There once was a girl. Who had to submit a paper by a deadline. The deadline quickly became just hours away. She sat waiting for another person's input. And prayed. And tried not to stress. However this wasn't just any deadline but THEE deadline of all deadlines. Moral of the story...checking your email every 10 minutes doesn't help.

Whither thou goest.
I've been reading a few blogs lately that have talked about not necessarily waiting for neon signs or voices from God but rather moving forward in life, trusting that He desires to use the abilities and heart-tugs that He has given you. This has really spoken to me and challenged me. Moral of the boldly go wherever, not allowing my insecurities or questions to stop me.

We've burned your ticket.
Dear boss, I am having fun on vacation and feel back at home. I am making cinnamon rolls, have my elbows deep in laundry, and making runs to the school for various reasons. And I'm visiting and hugging and laughing and loving it all. A lot. And they want me to stay. So it's time we must part. Amen and good bye. Moral of the story...the grass is greener...literally.

Sweetness personified.
Worship comes in many forms. It comes through singing praises to God. It comes in serving people in times of need. It comes over cups of coffee and shared stories. It comes in listening to heartache and pain. It comes in hugs and recalling memories. It comes in prayers and tears and laughing-so-much-your-stomach-aches. Moral of the story...chicken soup may be good for the soul but worship is better.

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