Wednesday, March 30


You know those people that just get you. It doesn't matter what you say because it's like you both are on the same wavelengths. Then whatever they say, speaks straight into your heart because it's the verbiage that connects with you.

I'm presently at one of my home in Germany. Where I worked/ministered for two years. It feels different being back but good. Changed but the same.

Anyhow, there is a missionary here who is the dad of one of my kiddos from 2005-2006. So I got to know her parents back then but had an opportunity to really spend time talking with her dad in 2010 when he came to my church on a missionary tour. During that visit, I got to share about my time in Germany and feel like I was really heard and understood. It was very encouraging. Anyhow, this couple is working at the school to spend this year with their daughter, as she is graduating in June.

I got to see both the husband and wife momentarily in the last couple days and made plans to spend time with them later on. But even in those brief moments, I felt that connection, that understanding, that likemindness. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to spending in-depth time with them soon! I anticipate being encouraged and challenged! Oh that we all had more of those types of interactions!

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