Wednesday, April 27

A glimpse into my childhood (A-M)

(aka...13 things you didn't need to know about me but will learn anyways)

A. My sister Amy was born when I was five. I remember being dropped off at a church family's house while my parents went to the hospital. The wife was from Georgia and always called Amy by her full name...Amy her sweet Georgian southern-belle voice.

B. After Amy was born, I then prayed for a brother devotedly for months. I had to wait 4 years for God to answer that prayer.

C. Across the street, there was this "evil" golden retriever puppy, Captain. Okay, he wasn't evil but in his puppy playfulness, he jumped on me when I was 4 or 5 and scared the daylights out of me.

D. We lived on a dead-end private street...all the way at the end with very few neighbors and playmates. The private road had pros and cons. Pro, we could play in the street; con, lack of children. Pro, quiet; con, remote.

E. I was always good at entertaining myself. My sister would go off to school and I would just play in my room contentedly, making up stories and characters. I'm sure my mom loved it.

F. I disliked first-grade...only because I found it boring. I even fell asleep in class one time.

G. My grandparents came to babysit us girls so that my parents could go to Hawaii for their 10th anniversary. My grandpa swore he'd never visit us in February ever again...too much snow. One day they sent my older sister and I out to catch the bus. We stood in the cold for a long time before our neighbor informed us our school had been cancelled.

H. Our old house only had one bathroom. One Sunday, after church, my stomach was upset but my mom was in the restroom. I stood there waiting anxiously for her to come out and the proceeded to throw up in the hallway. My mom was not pleased. Why didn't you throw up in a garbage can or in the kitchen sink? Honestly, it didn't cross my mind.

I. We had a forest behind our house. One day my older sister and I climbed over the fence and went into the forest on a great adventure. We found a junk back there that made it looked like someone lived there. We were convinced it was an Indian. We quickly ran home a bit scared, clearly not that adventurous.

J. I asked Jesus "into my heart" when I was five. I remember it feeling very natural....of course I want Jesus in my heart, I love him and believe in him already...I learned later on just what it means to have Jesus as your Savior and Lord.

K. A kitten followed my sister and I home day. We convinced our parents to let it stay the night. The next morning I woke up and went into the living room to watch cartoons and heard this strange sound. I followed the noise and found that the kitten had climbed our dining room screen door, tearing this nice hole at the very top. My parents were not pleased as they had just sold the house. We found the owners that morning.

L. I fell once and scratched my knee up pretty bad. It left a scar in the shape of a lima-bean.

M. I'm pretty sure that my hair style, for a few of my childhood years, constitutes as a mullet. I would LOVE for someone to tell me otherwise.

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