Monday, April 25

Things I Love Monday!

Okay, so I'm completely stealing this from fellow blogger Jolie but I'm sure she won't mind.
1. Family time.  My immediate family is small. Mostly because none of my siblings, including myself, are married or have children. So it's just us six. But we like each other. We're not the closest family in existence, to be sure, but we enjoy spending time together as we did yesterday afternoon. Mom fed us a good dinner although something about the green beans were wierd. We had a fun game time with much laughter. And then a yummy dessert. On May 14th, we are going to have another chunk of family time, which I'm already looking forward to. I'll share more that on that later.

2. Facebook.  One thing specifically is that I love getting on Facebook yesterday and seeing just about everyone with some special Easter status, most of which were reflections on Christ. That blessed my heart.

3. Finishing a book.  Sometimes I'm sad when I finish a book because I'd just as rather the story go on and on and on. However, I just finished a book yesterday, which I technically started...I don't know...six months ago??? And I finally finished it!!! It's one of the books on my 2011 reading list: So You Don't Want to go to Church Anymore? It wasn't bad or boring but it wasn't's a fictional book about a guy who was a pastor but starts this journey that temporarily leads him away from the church altogether. It did make me think about whether or not my relationship with God is too tied to my relationship with my church. Rating it, I'd give it one thumb up.

Okay. So Jolie doesn't do this but here are a couple things I don't love, just for good measure:

1. Appliances breaking two days after I buy them.  Boo! I bought a waffle maker thing last Monday and it was broken by Wednesday. It still works just was some cheap plastic thing on the back that broke off. And of course, I threw away my receipt because it's a cheap-o (obviously!) machine and I figured if it lasted two years, or even one year, then I got my money's worth. Humph! I'll probably still check to see if I can exchange it...

2. Music playing in the background during prayer/reflection time at church.  I know that some people are really moved by hearing soft music playing but I find it oh-so distracting. I really struggle with focusing my thoughts when soft music plays during any prayer or time of reflection. Oy vey! I usually give up at some point and just hope that the Spirit will know my heart and pray on my behalf.

3. Dusting.  Out of all the chores to do in my apartment, I hate dusting the most. I'll do the dishes. I'm happy to do laundry. I'll cook or even vacuum. And I'll even take out the trash....but dusting? I avoid it at all costs. I find I can tolerate an awful amount of dust before I finally! pull out the rag. So if you have a dust allergy, I suppose you better let me know before coming over to my place, if ever. Here's hoping the man I marry doesn't mind dusting!


matt said...

I love music playing in the background. It calms and focuses me.

I also love to dust. I always did it growing up.

Funny, different people's preferences.

Mindy said...

haha...too bad you don't live in WA. I'd be happy to cook you dinner in exchange for dusting.

Ah well...I just need to suck it up and get it done! :)