Friday, January 14

About 14 years ago...

What sounded like a good rational idea at the time, now sounds quite silly.

In my grade 12 year, we had  to complete an assignment for my Contemporary Issues class. We were given a list of various options that we would have to thoroughly research and put together in a binder. Options such as getting married & having kids, getting a job, buying a house, planning for retirement, etc. We had to choose two and our required third was to plan a budget for our whole life!

So I choose getting married/having kids and getting a job plus the budget thing.

For a career, I chose being a dorm parent at the Alliance Academy, in Quito, Ecuador, with the Christian & Missionary Alliance. I also chose to have 5 kids (I'm crazy, I know) but ended up grabbing 6 birth certificates and so I went with 6 instead. That is in itself insanity and I would highly advise the current grade 12 students against this, if they still do this project. Not that there is anything wrong with having 6 kids but you try planning a missionary's budget for 40 years for 8 people...ridiculous! I'm sure this imaginary family lived on peanuts and bologna sandwiches. However, I must admit though, when I was done with the project, I was a bit sad to say "goodbye" to my 6 kids.

As for getting married, here's where my rationale falls apart a bit more.

I didn't want to choose some random name like Mark Winston because I'm sure there is a Mark Winston out there somewhere and how weird would that be, right? Wrong...because really, who cares!?! So where my common sense failed me is that I decided to choose an actual person...someone who was a good man. I thought of choosing a fictional character from a movie or book but wasn't satisfied with that. So then I considered actors who have the appearance of being good, both in their acting persona and in real life, from what I knew. So I chose John Dye:

He played Andrew, the angel of death, on Touched by an Angel. Are you chuckling yet? I was Mrs. Dye for my project, upon completing the unofficial marriage certificate. I look back on this and reflect on how silly this whole thing was and how I made a much bigger deal of who should be my husband than necessary. Oh was one project, which I think I did okay on.

Anyhow, I was sad to learn today that John passed away from a heart attack on Monday, at the age of 47. Naturally, when I saw his name this whole project came to mind, making me chuckle and roll my eyes while also feeling sadness over the news. I don't know if he had a relationship with God like the one he portrayed on Touched by an Angel but I hope so. I would love to see him in Heaven and tell him this whole silly story one day.

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