Tuesday, January 18

...ho hum...

I'm feeling so uninspired lately when it comes to writing.
So....here are some rambling about job hunting.

I've started the process of looking for a new job in some kind of ministry.
I've applied to a job in Toledo, Ohio and more recently, a job in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Thinking about moving to either of these locations has entertained me for hours already and I haven't even had interviews! Pathetic? Perhaps. In both locations, I know people who live nearby, which would be wonderful.

Did you know, you can buy this house outside Lancaster for $139,900!!!!!! You would never see a house that cheap in Washington until it was in a trailer park. Not that I would ever consider buying such a house...that would freak me out. Plus I would hate mowing the lawn. I would be one of those neighbors with the sadly neglected yard. Although I would be willing to tackle a garden, I think. But all that space for just me? I think I would be very much consistently aware of my single status with that much space. Be it as it may, the price is unreal!

Can I just say that the whole applying, waiting, interviewing, waiting, looking, waiting thing is exhausting? I'm already wishing that this was over with and I've applied at a grand total of three jobs! "have patience, have patience, don't be in such a hurry..."

Well, that my current update.
I'll try to be more inspired/inspiring next time. :)

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