Friday, December 17

A Bit of Joy, Part 2

The amazing thing about joy is that it is not dependent on our circumstances but rather our attitude and perspective. That means that regardless of what we go through or are going through, we can still have joy.
  1. Being invited to a friend's for dinner. Good food and even better, good company.
  2. Taking a walk in the midst of chaos. The cool air, a period of no rain, the Christmas lights and wreaths that decorate the nearby houses, a time to calm down before saying something I shouldn't.
  3. Going to the gym even when my day is full and I would MUCH rather go home and relax. I guess this more about the pride in myself for not "taking the day off."
  4. Hanging out with my sister and watching a movie she loves (Maverick) which also made me laugh.
  5. The clear morning where you can see all our surrounding mountains on glorious display.
  6. A cup of coffee...I'm not sure what it is about the drink that brings joy. The taste brings momentary pleasure. But I think it's the whole act of having something warm in my hands, that tastes good, and brightens my morning a bit more. Am I crazy?
  7. Knowing that people are praying for my grandpa. All I have to do is ask, which I've done on my church's prayer chain.

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matt said...

a drink can definitely bring joy. i don't have comfort food, but definitely have comfort drinks.