Friday, December 17

A (wee) Bit of Joy, Part 3

  1. I once heard it said that we shouldn't be living for the weekend or days off but rather living to make every moment count, especially at work. While I know that thought has a point, I'm so thankful for the weekends. The fact that I have a period of rest or even simply a change of pace and activities, lifts my spirit and give me joy.
  2. I'm also so thankful that my speech has a filter, which is my conscious (aka the Holy Spirit), that keeps me from saying things I shouldn't say (most of the time). If I said everything that came to my mind...oh boy. The joy in this is I know the Holy Spirit is working on and in way I see it in the control usage of my speech. I know what it could be and I'm thankful that my speech is not above/beyond redemption!

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