Tuesday, November 2

Unwanted Smells

I have a strong dislike to aerosol sprays.

Maybe it's because when I worked in Germany, I lived on the boy floor...yep...me and 5 middle school boys. I loved it...well, most of it. You see, while I thankfully had my own shower and sink in my room, I had to share a bathroom/toilet with the boys. Yep...me and 5 middle school boys. You cannot even begin to imagine the smells the spread throughout the building...okay, maybe you can. It was disgusting...it was hilarious...it was life on the "farside." Early on, I learned that those room sprays were from the devil. One of those lovely boys would create such an aroma in the bathroom and then proceed to spray that flowery room fragrance until we (by "we", I mean "I") were choking from the overwhelming smells. When I say that they sprayed the room, I mean that they literally held down the spray can for 10 seconds...a lifetime...it was horrid. Needless to say, I confiscated the aerosol can and hid it in my room. When it got bad, I'd spray a little bit (1 second sprays) but I wouldn't let the boys touch it. This, my friends, does not even include the Axe deodorant sprays that these middle school boys doused themselves with. I didn't confiscate these as I could attest to their sometimes stinky sweaty smells. But when they liberally applied the Axe deodorant spray, there were some overwhelming moments. Let me tell you! (Would you believe that I wouldn't trade this for anything and would gladly work in a boys dorm again? They make me laugh so much!)

At work, we have this French Vanilla spray. My desk is closest to the bathroom and whenever my coworkers use the spray (holding down the button 3-5 seconds), I cringe. Within seconds of them coming out, the nasty fragrance hovers over my desk making me want to gag. I like Vanilla but this French Vanilla is awful!

Maybe I should give 1-second seminars on how to use aerosol sprays.
The world would be so much better.

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