Thursday, November 4

God at work...

I had decided that today I'd tell my boss, first thing in the morning before my other coworkers arrived, that I am going to apply for the job in Florida.

I couldn't do it. I chickened out and I'm not sure why.

I got to interview a friend of mine for a paper that is due next week on my interviewing skills. Spending time with a friend is always good. Hearing her story of adopting her last child was amazing. God's hand was all over choosing that boy to be a part of their family!

This Sunday is Orphan Sunday...a day to remember the oh-so-many orphans around the world. I think most of the time I shield my heart from thinking and empathizing on their behalf because the need is so huge and what can one person do? However, the reason why God charges us (the Church) to care of the widows and orphans is because they are the most vulnerable. And if God could use me to help just one person, then it's still worth it. Who knows how God might use that person to reach the world around them!

I clearly don't have all the answers because I presently do Compassion or World Vision kids and no other consistent impact/giving to orphan ministries. But that has to change. God wants to use me and He wants to use you. The need is so great because perhaps the Church does so little...sorry, that sounds judgmental and it's not meant to be.

Sure, I'm still hoping to have a house full of orphans or vulnerable kids/youth one day...but God is calling me into action now.

Have you heard of Greg Laurie? I haven't really and feel like I should. Anyhow, he is coming to Seattle this weekend for a big event called "Harvest." There are going to be several bands: Katina, Kutless, Jars of Clay, and others. The point of this is to invite your non-Christians a revival or a crusade, I guess. They are heavily promoting it around here and on the radio. I'm not going as I have other things to do this weekend, namely homework and Sunday School preparation. But my sister mentioned that she might want to go...

Me: Really? You might go?
Amy: Yeah, except that I don't need harvesting.
Me: don't need to be harvested? Wow, that could have a few meanings.
Amy: hehehehe...

I love my sister.

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matt said...

If you have any questions about orphan ministries, please email me. I can help. Also, if you want to start helping an organization, I have the perfect one for you.

You'll love us I'm sure.