Thursday, October 21

Relationships are funny things

  • Ever wonder why there are some people you just naturally click with; others that you like but have to intentionally pursue depth; and others still that you just don't connect with? I've reflected on this from time to time. When I was in Germany, I didn't naturally click with anyone. I liked the people around me but felt like I had to really work to create friendships. It was worth it but just took time. Then there's people, like my friend Erin, who I knew the first time I met her that we'd be good friends and get along great! Interesting, isn't it? I hope I never give up on a relationship because it doesn't come easily.
  • I found out this past week that one BFA friend of mine is now engaged and a church friend is now pregnant. Both of these girls have waited, and yearned, and cried, and prayed and now, they have seen God answer their prayers. Having walked these journeys alongside them, I couldn't be happier or more excited for them.
    • Naturally, my second reaction is longing...and prayer.
  • I've been concerned about my brother for a few years. He grew up attending church, just like I did, and even asked Jesus to be His Savior when he was 7. He has since stopped living for the Lord or really even wanting anything to do with church or God. My guess is that he either sees a lack of relevance or he is not willing to surrender his life to what God might ask of him. Anyhow, I was starting to wonder if he even believed in God. So two weeks ago, at Sunday lunch, I asked him if he still believed in God. He stated that he would rather not get into it there, at the lunch table, but that he wasn't sure and would be happy to talk with me about it another time. I was very pleased that he left the door wide open. Now I just pray that God will provide such a time and give me the ears to hear and words to say...
  • When I was a kid, my parents put in the AWANA program. In case you don't know AWANA (Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed, II Tim 2:15), it's a Christian kids program where you memorize Bible verses, play games, have lessons, etc. I did AWANA from age 5 to 12. I am helping out with AWANA this year "part-time" and it occurred to me last night that I've been singing the AWANA theme song and pledge to AWANA flag for 26 years now. So funny! Even though I went through AWANA and did all the workbooks, I am still amazed when I listen to these girls rattle off verse after verse. Last night one of the girls recited a verse and afterwards I said, "great verse...this is a really good verse to know." She looked at me briefly, said "oh" and then proceeded to her next verse. I had to hold back a chuckle. I often pray that these kids hold onto these verses better than I have.

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