Sunday, October 24

Living in tomorrow

I know it's good to live in the moment but right now, I'm living in tomorrow.

From March 25-April 11, I am going to Germany and to Holland. I have about 8 kiddos who are graduating BFA this year and I want to see them before they disperse world-wide. So one week in Germany and then up to Holland to see my Dutch friends for a week. So excited. I can't wait to give hugs, have chats and coffee times, laugh and laugh and laugh some more, take photos of my small 6th graders now tall 12th graders, have yummy German and Dutch foods, and just be! Plus by that time, I'll be all done with my Master's degree! Yep...all done! So nice.

And then...

I found out yesterday that a college friend of mine, who lives one hour north of Toronto, is getting married next summer. I am so there! I haven't seen him since 2004 and I am so happy for him! So naturally by going to Toronto, I already know that I'm going to (hopefully) see another college friend and his family, and a couple BFA friends and their families! Then I checked to see how far away Barrie, ON is from Toronto, ON and found out in the process that Toledo, Ohio is so close to Toronto...only 5.5 hours away in fact!!! Who is in Toledo? My dear co-workers/supervisors/home-away-from-home/friends from BFA! What's a 5.5 hour drive when I'll be so much closer than on the average day!?!

It's overwhelming and exciting to think of all these wonderful people that I will get to see within the 5-10 months, Lord willing!
*Happy sigh*

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