Thursday, September 16

If you're like me...

If you're like me, you get antsy when life hands you the same things, day after day. You long for a little change, a trip somewhere fun, a little bit of adventure, a new place or experience. You want to step away from the mold of the daily grind, even if just for a day, to be and do something different.

If you're like me, once this feeling comes, it seems to get more intense until either you have booked or planned a trip or have surrendered your desires, knowing that God has you where He wants you and that is okay. For now.

If you're like me, every once in a while, it just feels like you don't connect with enough people. Like really connect...deep meaningful conversation, abundant laughter, non-sensical stories that means something to you and the other person or group of people. You realise that everyone is busy with their day-to-day lives, just like you, and somehow a little too much time has passed since a last good connection.

If you're like me, once this feeling comes, it becomes important, necessary, and even vital for the well being of your health and mind, to intentionally make time for people. That is when I invite people over or out for coffee. I've been known to do a brunch or two. This is also when I wonder if I have enough friends. So many of my closest friends live out of state or out of country. But that's a thought for another day...

If you're like me, after having a couple of unproductive days, you simply feel the desire for productivity. To be useful, creative, purposeful. To use the energy that is inside you to accomplish much more than normal. To fall into bed exhausted from a very busy day but one in where so much was accomplished and taken care of.

If you're like me, once this feeling comes, you'll make a list of things to do, set your mind to accomplish it and get to work. Where applicable, music is turned on to keep you energized. You'll also seek to involve your creative side, whether that's cooking in my case, painting, restoring, scrapbooking, rearranging furniture, or a multitude of other things.

If you're like me, which you're probably not in most cases (and that's okay!), then you have times where you struggle with your purpose in life, struggle with where God has you, struggle with the things that you can't see or understand. And when this feeling comes, I need to lean on God. I need to trust that His plan, His will, and His way is sufficient and good and more than enough for me. In this, I hope you are truly like me (or if not, then one day will be!)

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