Wednesday, September 15

Friends of mine...well, kind of...

When it comes to checking out new blogs, my main criteria is whether or not I connect with the writer's voice. Do I hear their heart? Is there feeling, energy, wisdom, or amusement that oozes from their posts? If I can't hear their heart, then I tend to move on to the next blog. And where there's a connection, I tag them so that I can return day after day.

As I was perusing my list of favorites this morning, it struck me as funny that I feel a love or appreciation or kinship for these individuals. The more I read, the more I gain a window into their life and I feel that connection grow stronger. I laugh at the funny things they experience or say and feel sad when they are hurting...I am happy to walk the journey with them. And then there are some posts where I am left wanting more...I want to meet them for coffee and talk about what they wrote. The fact that none of my favorites are from people located in WA quickly derails that sentiment but you get the point.

I realise that this is all very one-sided here. But I can't help but feel, or trust, that if I ever had a chance to meet any of these individuals, we'd be friends (after all we've they've shared)! And that makes me smile.

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