Monday, August 16

Random Reflections

Classes starts next Monday. This means I'll be busy through December. Of course I've been (leisurely) working on my thesis paper over the last six weeks but I haven't really pushed myself. As of next Monday, things ramp up...I'll be working against a schedule.

This Wednesday, I'm going to the opera for the first time. I've never been but have long thought that I'd probably really enjoy it. So I'm giving it a try and expanding my cultural experiences at the same time. I'm going to Richard Wagner's Tristan und Isolde. From the little synopsis that I read, it's bound to be a downer story...everyone dies, brokenhearted...kind of like Romeo and Juliet.

I've been thinking about change recently...mostly because I can't get away from it. My pastor's final week is in two week...many tears to come. Plus, my parents want to put their house on the market this week. They are planning to move to Arizona. It will be very strange to not have them around and to not regularly visit the house I grew up in...and it will be sad. Then I've been thinking more about pursuing a doctorate degree which will definitely take me away from Washington as well. Change is unavoidable...

I'm planning/hoping to visit Germany and Holland next April/May (before graduation). In the next week or two, I have a large group of kiddos who are going to be starting their last year at the school, which is also strange and sad. So I want to go over and see them again all before the spread out around the world. I started looking at airfare on Friday. Why is it that I can find a ticket for $400 or for $800 and when taxes are calculated in, the total for both come out to $1000??? Seriously?!? A cheaper ticket has that much more taxes to apply? It drives me batty! While I enjoy planning and taking trips, looking for airfare is not my favorite pastime. And then the school is located is a somewhat remote area so I typically check the airfare for three destinations to figure out the best/cheapest deal! The first time I returned for a visit, I landed in Frankfurt, Germany. The second time in Basel, Switzerland. Maybe this last time, I land in Zurich, Switzerland...we shall see.

On Friday evening, I saw the movie Eat, Pray, Love. Even though I've never read Elizabeth Gilbert's book, I knew mostly what the book was about (and consequently an aspect/period of her life). I also knew that this book has been well received by the general public and caused "spiritual awakening" is many people. This awareness didn't stop me from going to see the film. Overall I would say the movie was okay. Save your money and just rent it when it comes out. My sister was very turned off to Liz' spiritual transformation (God is in me, God is me) and I was turned off to the broken marriage part of her story. The only thing we both enjoyed about this movie was the made us want to travel to Italy, India and Bali! The colors, the food, the sounds, the animals...breath-taking!

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