Tuesday, August 31

Crocheting and babies

My oldest friend (we were stuck at the hips in kindergarten) just had her third babe last night...a 10 lb 10 oz boy. When I first read the text (which was at 12:30am) I whispered a prayer of thanks for baby Elijah and then crawled back to bed. When I read the text again this morning, I saw the weight and thought "ouch!"

I guess I now need to finish the baby blanket I am crocheting for baby Elijah. I'm mostly done but need to tuck in a few stray strands, crochet a border and consider if I want to attempt little pom-poms or tassels. I'm not sure I'm liking this particular baby blanket...I'll decide at the end if I'm going to send it or go out a buy a gift instead. Regardless I think this will be the last baby blanket for a long while! I'm kind of sick of them.

When it comes to crocheting I only have patience for scarfs and baby blankets...anything larger and I lose interest. So I started crocheting baby blankets when my friends starting having children. Then when child #2 came along, I thought I should make one for them too...to make them feel equally loved and special when they are old enough to appreciate it. Now a few friends have had baby #3 and I am resenting the thought of making yet another blanket. However, if baby #2 gets less than baby #1, then baby #3 gets a lot less typically. So if I end up sending Elijah's blanket, I think he might end up being the only baby #3 to get a blanket because I'm hanging up my needles...well, kind of.

I'm slowly and sporadically working on a large sized quilt. I have dubbed this quilt "The Ugliest Blanket Ever" because I'm using up all the leftover yarns that I have purchased for other scarves or blankets. It is a modge-podge of color and is actually turning out to be a very pretty blanket because of it. I'll try to post pictures of my crocheting creations once I'm done with Elijah's...maybe this weekend.


Mindy said...

Huh--a fellow Mindy that also crochets. How fun!

Mindy said...

Hahaha...hardly...all I do are squares and rectangles. And I don't know enough patterns/stitches to keep it interesting. :)

Mindy said...

Ah, who needs "interesting" anyway? It's still fun to do. ;-)

I'm actually working on an Ugly Blanket right now, too! Funny stuff! All my extra bits of yarn are coming together wonderfully, and each color of the blanket has a story from its previous project.