Monday, August 30

A Hard Day

Yesterday was my pastor's last day at my church. We laughed, we cried, we worshipped, we thanked God and committed them (and us) to Him. As stories were flowing yesterday, there were numerous events where individuals thanked the Pastor and his wife for their involvement (weddings, births, baptism, deaths, etc). When I think about my own life, I am saddened at the thought that my Pastor and wife have not been able to yet share in a wedding or fact, my life has been fairly uneventful at this church EXCEPT for the fact that they have shared the formation of who I am. I started attending my church when I was 9 years old. 21 years later, while I may be husband-less and child-less, I have lived, served and have been shaped by my involvement with the church throughout my life. And they were very much a part of that shaping. I am so thankful for that.

Then I went to visit a friend yesterday who is in the hospital. When I arrived, I found out that she is in the Psychiatric Unit...which didn't shock me but did sadden me. She is a sweet girl but has really struggled over the last 8 months or so. I pray that the Lord will protect her mind and give her healing, peace, and health in all areas! May I be a balm of encouragement for her.

Last bit of hard news that I learned yesterday is that another friend is spiraling downward due to drugs. I don't even know what to say...except that I am praying.

Life can be hard at times. People we love are hurting and their pain makes us hurt too. Others come and go, our paths cross for a season and then separate again...all of which causes grief. But God is good. And He is faithful. And He hears our prayers...for which I am thankful.

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