Wednesday, August 25


I love each season.
I love the coldness of winter...the brisk air, the beauty of snow, the stark trees
I love the freshness of spring...the new life, the greenery, the interlaced days of rain and sun
I love the energy of summer...the sun, the heat, and the produce...oh the produce!
I love the contentment of fall...the color-infused trees, the increasingly cooler air, the lurking warm days.

Even though I love each season, I think I could live just about anywhere...even places whose seasons blur. I went to college in Regina, Saskatchewan...very much flat praire land with 5 months of winter and blazing hot summers. Fall and spring flew through, lingering only for about 2 weeks before the introduction of the heat or the snow/ice came around...and I enjoyed that too.

I don't know what this has to do with anything. But today is a sunny, clear-sky day and is 80 degrees and I find myself enchanted by it all. While I wish that summer would linger a few weeks more, I anticipate all that is good about autumn and am excited for that too!

So wherever you are, whatever your weather, I hope you can find beauty in today!

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