Wednesday, September 1

A little bit Dancing Queen, a little bit Dixie Chicks

Ever wonder if your ancestors choices could be the very destiny for your future? I've pondered this numerous times over the years.

My dad's great aunt was a wonderful dancer...she apparently did some movies and lived in Hollywood, which is kind of cool (except that she apparently wasn't the best role model). Anyhow, I love to dance...mind you, it's only when nobody is watching. But I've always thought I must have dancing blood in me. Who knows!?! I have yet to take lessons and give dancing a try (publicly, that is).

And then on my mother's side of the family, are farmers. There's always been something inviting to me about living on a farm. I keep telling myself that it is hard work and a hard life, especially if you start with nothing. But how satisfying it must be to grow your own watch the grain turn from green sprouts to golden eat directly from a garden, your hen house, and cattle (not that I'd be eager to do any killing...somehow that would have to magically take care of itself) have wide open spaces all around you and dark night skies! I know it's a lot of work and I'd probably want to whimp out about a million times. But I'm sitting here eating a peach recalling the story of how my grandma's family used to yell "peaches....peaches....get your freestone peaches" every summer and that kind of life sound good to me!

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