Thursday, June 24

The Day the Sun Came Out

If I were to ask "what is the something that Washington is known for," almost everyone (I think) would say rain. However, most of Washington doesn't even come close to having the highest annual rain levels, with the exception of one location within our state (think Twilight books).

So why do people naturally associate rain with our fair region? Well because it rains all the time. Most places are lucky enough to get rain in sporadic downpours and then be done with it. We get drizzles. And to then compound the agony, most places have clear skies after the rain moves through. We get grey skies.

Where I lived in Germany, I found it to be a lot like Western Washington...lush, green, trees, mountain/hills. I felt right at home. I remember loving the weather there but what was hilarious is that many of my co-workers complained that it was always raining and they were tired of it. Their comments surprised me a bit because I didn't notice the rain (thanks to my Washingtonian upbringing). What I did notice was the sunny days...when it didn't rain, it was sunny and beautiful! So while they were thinking "there's so much rain," I was thinking "there's so much sun!" That, my friend, is due to the constant greyness of Washington.

Today is June 24th.

The last time we reach 75 degree (23C) was back in mid-September. Seriously! We have broken a record out here...yay! Every time the sun is forecasted, we wait wondering, hoping and partially disbelieving that it will actually happen. This morning the sun burst forth is gloriousness only to hidden an hour later by grey clouds. The sun taunts us. We don't find it funny.

The Seasonal Affected Disorder is a real thing out here. Some of us are wondering if we'll even get spring/summer this year...will it come? I hope so. Without sun, we're all turning a pasty white. We're losing color and are short on Vitamin D. I even had the heater on in my apartment within the last couple weeks.

So what does all this mean? First, Western Washington is quite beautiful and worthy of a visit...promise!! However, I'd advise you all to avoid this fair region until we've had some sun. You'll find us more pleasant to be around then. Second, if you have any spare sun, please send it over...we're getting desperate. Third, if you hear of any excellent deals to fly some place warm and sunny, please advise!

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