Wednesday, May 5

Chateau Ste. Michelle

If you are a wine drinker, you may be familiar with the Chateau Ste. Michelle name. It's a local winery that has done pretty well in establishing a reputation for itself.

Every summer, Chateau Ste. Michelle has a series of concerts offered at an amphitheater that they created, surrounded by their vineyards. Their line of musicians vary in genre; everything from jazz to country to classic. And another thing about Chateau Ste. Michelle is that it is open seating, which means you take your picnic blankets and snack/lunch type foods and you settle in however close you can get. Then, if you like a little wine with your music and snacks, they have a wine stand where you buy by the glass or the bottle.

It has a very enchanting type of feel to the place but maybe that memory is biased because I was crooned by the lovely Diana Krall on my last visit, which was two or three years ago.

The place is beckoning me back there again. Come...come!

Natalie Merchant, one my long-time favorites, has just come out of her hiatus, producing a new CD "Leave Your Sleep." She will be singing at the Chateau Ste. Michelle on August 6. Come...come! In August, we should be guaranteed a non-rainy night, right? I think I must go, rain or shine.

But in the process of scooping out the website, I saw that Jamie Cullum, a young jazz singer, will also be performing July 24th. What's a girl to do? Come...come! I would love to go but I hesitate.

Despite my previous post of being brave enough to try out a concert by myself, I'm not brave at all. I can do one concert but two??? I can handle Natalie Merchant's music by myself but Jamie Cullum's music?? I know this sounds contradictory to some degree but it makes sense to me. Maybe I'll skip Jamie this round (unless I happen to find someone to go with me) and take solo-concert-going in baby steps.

**Update: God solved the problem by sending a wedding invitation for the same day as Jamie Cullum's concert. As much as I'd love to see Jamie, I would much rather attend this couple's wedding!


matt said...

you've seen natalie. i'd go with jamie.

Mindy said...

actually, I haven't seen Natalie (maybe I worded something incorrectly) and just bought my ticket to see her. I'm still mulling over Jamie...

Now I can't forget to go see Natalie...